Felteryme’s Viewport

With the Paniom dropped
And time’s flow stopped
Now ALL could be seen
On the Felteryme’s screen.

The dressmaker Haryette of Grantala wept
Every night since the time she slept
And her son was taken (by the serpent Hor)
Seen now by Locke deep within P’Tor.

Oggress the Gnarl and Mystic K’Sandra
Gathered around Locke awaiting her answer.
The Mystic had asked were her visions true
Locke advised yes, so clear was the view.

All firstborns taken within hours of their birth
Grown in captivity deep within the earth.
Now enraged, Locke had to gain a
Meeting with the P’Tor Cave’s Judge Ynayna.

It’s time once again for Six Sentence Stories. Denise, from Girlie on the Edge, has set the prompt word ‘Screen’ this time, which is quite handy as Locke, the Goddess of Time up on the Mount of Light in Everplain, uses a screen on her time viewport device, the Felteryme. More parts to Epic Mythology can be found in my Storylines menu. The button above, entitled “Abssstract”, will take you to Denise’s site if you’d like more details on this writing challenge.

4 responses to “Felteryme’s Viewport”

  1. Spira avatar

    Better and darker it gets!
    You are a true skald, Tom.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Tom avatar

      Thanks, Nick. I think I like being described as a skáld… I’ve had a strange ‘pull’ to Iceland 🇮🇸 for a number of years. Maybe in a past life, I was one.
      I think it may be really dark if we go down to the P’Tor Caves next week! 🤣

      Liked by 2 people

  2. 100 Country Trek avatar

    Thanks for sharing this idea.and this image caught my attention. Anita

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tom avatar

      Hi Anita, I’m pleased the image pulled you in! 😀


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