The Superhero Diaries 3.1: Heroes in Tomorrow

Catapulted back to 1924 and then flung mercilessly into the immediate future (tomorrow) four members of the Ultimate Superhero team, the Elite Force of Britain, find themselves trapped just outside of our time. Bettystretch, Lycralad, The Firetop and Invisible Charlie, after having met up with one of Tomorrow’s Superheroes, Captain Mindstorm, have finally managed to make contact with the EFB through the team’s Psychic Recorder.

Psychic Sue, the only superhero who can use the Recorder, never realised the flaw, but reading the printout afterwards made it abundantly clear to everyone else:


Who is this and did you activate the Psychic Recorder – and why?
Can you hear me?
Captain Mindstorm.
Hello captain – have we met before?
Where did we last meet?
The time barrier
The t…
Prevents normal communication
…ime barrier? Is that a bar or something?
Slow process.
You aren’t making much sense. Am I coming through clearly?
Crystal clear.
Ah, good. Why are you communicating this way? Do you know where our missing friends are? Bet
No. Not in person.
…tystretch – tall and thin? Have you received a note then?
We haven’t.
Oh. Maybe you’ve seen The Firetop – his hair looks like fire
The T?
The T? Or Lycralad – very tight clothes?
Ah – yes. Very difficult.
Quite uncomfortable, I’d say, looking at how he walks sometimes.
Small window to get through.
I’ll say! What about Invisible Charlie? Have you seen Invisible Charlie?
I… Oh, No no no… hahaha!
I see what you did there – no pun intended! So, why are you ‘calling’?
Sorry about that
It’s OK.
There’s a time delay
No worries.
Kind of, but it’s a little difficult
Let it go
You’re trying, though.
That’s charming, that is – and I am only trying – to help! So you don’t know where our colleagues are? You’re blocking a very important channel here. I’m ending the connection now.
It’s the only way to
Not interested. Please release your side of the connection.
Get through to you
Now look, you’re wasting valuable time… we have colleagues to search for.
They’re here – with me
You’ve just said you haven’t seen them.
No, no note.
What? What note?
Yes, it is fiery.
What is? The note?
Yes. Very snug. Haha.
Snug? I don’t have time for this nonsense!
Quite brave, though, to do so.
Brave – to put up with nonsense? Foolish more like!
I see what you did there – very clever.
You’re starting to annoy me now. What have I done?
I know where your friends are, and need help in getting them home
Are we going around in circles?
OK. No worries.
Let what go?
What?? I’m pulling the plug now.
No! Please don’t go! It’s the delay
OK. Talk. Record. Think, whatever. Tell me what you’re trying to tell me.
The time and thoughts are out of sync.
That’s all well and good, but what about our friends?
I have them here!
Can I think with them?
No – it’s the time-psych barrier.
Ah. I see what you’re doing – trying to psych me out. It’ll never work. You make a note of that.
And until you have something useful to say, keep things to yourself. We superheroes are very busy, you know.
The note?

No – wait!

Don’t go…

I’m trying to help. You’re just not getting me…

No, there’s a delay in responding…

A delay in – ah never mind…

I’ll try another way to communicate…

The message isn’t getting through clearly. Firetop, I’ll have to get you back another way…

8 responses to “The Superhero Diaries 3.1: Heroes in Tomorrow”

  1. prenin avatar

    Very clever Tom!!! 🙂

    God Bless!



    1. Tom Merriman avatar

      Thanks, Prenin. This one was a confusing one to write, and I have a feeling it’s just as confusing to read… even when I know what is going on!


  2. Let's CUT the Crap! avatar

    Not at all confusing. Puts me in mind of those Japanese movies where the speech and sound were always out of sink. Well done. Unusual but effective. 🙂


    1. Tom Merriman avatar

      Thanks Tess… it kind of worked better than I expected it to, actually!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Diane Henders avatar

    Hmmm, sounds like a normal conversation over any kind of computer network. 😉


    1. Tom Merriman avatar

      Oh, I know that feeling, Diane! 🙂


  4. Sue Dreamwalker avatar

    Wonderfully scripted Tom… 🙂 Always good to Record your communications especially if receiving channelled information 😉


    1. Tom Merriman avatar

      Thanks, Sue. I’m hoping to channel some worthwhile information very soon now! 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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