Halloween Extended

Yes, for one week Halloween has been extended in the form of this poll.

On Halloween, I posted a series of Unlikely Alibis provided – very kindly, I must add – by several visitors to this site. As promised, I now provide a quick poll for anyone to vote for the alibi that is the most unlikely.

The Unlikely Alibi voted the most unlikely with the most votes will be deemed the Ultimate Unlikely Alibi – a prize that money most certainly can not buy. It doesn’t mean, however, that the person with the most votes is the one responsible for all of the strange happenings in the run up to Halloween.

This poll is set to close in a week’s time, and when it does I shall post the reveal.

If you need to read the Unlikely Alibis before casting your spell vote, here are the links:

Prenin, in Who’s that rapping on the door?

Diane Henders in Use the doorbell, not the draw – ah, never mind!

Lame Adventures in Beware! There’s a loose stone on the step

C M Stewart in The walls have eyes, don’t you know?

Visionkeeper in Keeper of visions; Caster of shadows

Andra Watkins in Wet Dreams

Sue Dreamwalker in The Witching Hour

Links to the contributors’ own blogs are available within the posts, or the links page.

8 Comments on “Halloween Extended

      • Yes a nice Halloween Tom,
        I’m not back yet, just sporadic
        at the moment but I plan on
        getting back on the horse in
        the near future. Sometimes a
        break rejuvenates us don’t
        you think? Anyway I will catch
        up with you again soon Tom



  1. I look forward to reading these! My apologies for my lack of contribution…I have explained a little in one of your other posts…but if I can get it together I might send one through to you just for your entertainment – I know it’s too late for the official ones now but I don’t want you to think I couldn’t be bothered or wasn’t that interested. I was! I am! Just that time has been totally against me and I am still fighting for a demand free time to get on with blogging and visiting etc. And thanks for these awesome, amazing posts you provide for us! I love reading them, and have been saving them up for a semi free time….I’m making the most of them tonight! keep up the awesome work! πŸ™‚


    • Thanks, Icewolf. As I’ve said earlier, don’t worry – I certainly don’t think you weren’t bothered – not in the slightest!
      I’m simply pleased that you enjoy my posts… it makes writing them all the more worthwhile.

      Liked by 1 person

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