“Where are we?” Athena screamed, holding on to the side of the chariot with as much strength as she could muster so as not to fall out.

“Where..!?” Hera shouted from the front carriage, trying to bring four frightened horses back under control, “Where!!? We’re where your machine sent us, that’s ‘where’!”

“You’re the one who was doing the driving!” Athena snapped back.

“And you were the one who told me the way!” Hera was not letting Athena have the last word, although she really hurt her throat when she growled ‘way’. “And I wasn’t expecting that rock to smash through the chariot the way it did… I suppose that’s my fault too?” she managed to rasp.

“Of course not,” Athena mocked, “you deliberately steered us into it though!”

“Oh. Right.” Hera threw the reins into the back of the chariot, where Athena had to let one hand become free of the rail to catch them. Hera was petulant. “You want to get to this Gerald… you get us there. I’ll have nothing more to do with this personal vendetta of yours.” She folded her arms and looked forwards.

“Ath… Hez…” Aphrodite opened her eyes, “Could you please stop arguing long enough to get us back to a more comfortable speed, riding smoothly, and the right way up. I can’t stomach travelling upside down for long.”

Athena pulled on the reins in such a way that the horses settled themselves back into the correct formation, two in front and two behind, and they gradually realigned the chariot so they were all travelling the correct way.

They were in the time stream where every way was upright, but they all knew they were upside down. It was a feeling they all had.

As they were travelling they were hit by a rock, debris in the time stream, which took a small chunk out of Aphrodite’s side of the carriage, and, unfortunately, Athena’s Satnav system fell through the hole and was lost, literally forever.

Hera grumbled that Athena had so much control.

Athena smirked at Hera’s grumble, and looked at Aphrodite, who’d closed her eyes again. She wasn’t looking very well at all.

Athena slowed the horses down considerably, so they were merely trotting through the time stream, passing years in tens as opposed to the hundreds as before. They really needed to get back to Gerald’s time, which, by following Athena’s Satnav had taken them millennia passed it. Athena was glad the device was lost forever… she never really liked it anyway, and knew exactly where she was going.

Hera sulked in the front seat, glaring forward, watching the horses gently pulling them onwards without the fuss and stress that they were going through when she had the reins.

Aphrodite opened one eye just in time to notice a familiar landmark. 2012.

“Finally,” she thought, “We’ve reached our destination…”

This is the latest instalment of my Legendary Circles storyline. The previous part can be found by clicking here. Or, you can read the whole tale from the beginning by following the links in the Storylines menu option (or you can click here to get there as well!)

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