The Elite Force of Britain have a limitless amount of cash to spend, which really comes in handy with some of their day to day activities. This is page three of a cash breakdown report obtained from the EFB’s Petty Cash department:

Cost of repair to broken window: £650.00
Muriel Magnificent threw the Overthrower backwards through a double-fronted shop window, smashing both panes of glass and splintering the woodwork

Mr Sparks, manager of the shop, Spark’s Electrical Goods, said he would have settled the bill himself seeing that Muriel Magnificent had rescued his pet cat the week before, and it was an accident the Overthrower hit his window, but decided to let the EFB pay after his daughter convinced him otherwise.

Cost of repairs to wing mirrors on thirty vehicles: £1,500.00
Chasing the Pinchem Mob up Upper Tulip Place in the FireEngine, The Firetop accidentally smashed the mirrors off fifteen cars parked along the narrow road, on either side. Firetop has written to all of the owners of the vehicles he could find, to apologise for this minor inconvenience, but left special EFB stickers on the windscreens of the vehicles whose owners he couldn’t find.

Cost of rebuilding the Uniqueorn Structure, in the town centre: £35,000.00 (£50,000)
Lycralad had been captured and bound and gagged, and tied up to the monument with reinforced lycra ties. Using his lycra morphing abilities, he managed to escape from his predicament, but his special power caused a devastating chain reaction within the statue, and it, well exploded into thousands of tiny shards. The new structure looks far better, and is Lycralad friendly! An extra £15,000.00 was donated to the artist, Vladimir Mirage, for his help in re-designing the monument.

Cost of new Stealth Aircraft: $1.5 billion (cost to EFB $0.5 billion)
The Stealth Gentleman and Viridian destroyed a test Stealth Aircraft by using it to plug an erupting volcano on a small island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, much to the dismay of a couple of local governments. This cost doesn’t solely come out of the EFB’s Petty Cash box, but the local government who requested the help will be paying for a third, as will the aircraft builders themselves for all of the advertising they got out of the whole situation. We are still working on terms for this payment.

Cost of dry-cleaning: £250.00
Specialist cleaning is required for Invisible Charlie’s uniform at Hemingway’s, £100.00. Psychic Sue needed ink removing from her uniform after her battle with the Octolord; Hemingway’s again, £75.00. Muriel Magnificent’s cardigan: £15.00. And the curtains in the EFB main meeting room were cleaned for £60.00.

Cost of spare headset for the Psychic Recorder: £18.00 (£50.00)
Bought three as they were on offer, three for £50.00.

14 thoughts

  1. Superheros are busy these days. Quite destructive they are. That is quite a bit of cash to be the cause of. Lucky they have the cash to spend! All in a days work I guess. Oh to be a super hero.
    Be well T and have a great weekend…keep your EFB uniform clean and on the ready…VK


    1. They are a busy bunch, VK, and they do tend to leave a trail of destruction as well… although, they say, it isn’t entirely their fault!
      My uniform is always handy… and you have a great weekend as well!


  2. I liked the one where the side mirrors were all destroyed…sort of reminded me of the time I erm…shattered my little car’s sideview mirror..makes me feel like a “superhero” hehe!


  3. It is a hard and wicked time being a Super Hero Tom
    but just think of all the goodies you can get at the same
    time 🙂 I hope that your day is filled with lots of goodies 🙂



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