From the diary of the Elite Force of Britain:

Those pesky supervillains are up to something again. Not only have they joined forces themselves – when working on their own they are bad enough – they have managed to get themselves a brand new, state of the art headquarters, with all kinds of equipment to help them in their quest to, well, rule the world.

One of these new-fangled pieces of equipment is an Amce Blueprint Maker. Amce is a major international company set up by ‘colleagues’ of the sinister Overthrower. Amce present themselves as a light-hearted, almost comical company, but their despicable connections are known to superheroes all around the world.

This isn’t the only company to be involved in this kind of ‘work’, but recently they have been seen as being the one that is most involved.

The Amce Blueprint Maker is unique in the fact that it can send colour faxes and emails of the blueprints it creates at the touch of a button. Unfortunately, the blueprints do not contain the plans of what the supervillains are planning.

This fax came through to the Elite Force of Britain’s fax machine with no covering note, no reply telephone number, and no indication as to what the supervillains are planning.

Two stars are featured on the plan, numbered one and two. The plan is of the fourth floor of the Sunbottle Labelling Company’s offices, which in itself is strange as there are only three floors in this building. The plan also features the board room, quite prominently, and a lift shaft is also highlighted.

Using the powers of deduction, one would assume that the supervillains are planning something that will lead them to the corner of the board room, to a safe perhaps? But when you consider there are only three floors in the building, their plans are flawed already.

Of course, they may be setting a trap, which is what supervillains very often like to do for superheroes. Not that they are predictable or anything, it is just a known fact. Why else would they fax a secret plan over to the EFB if it wasn’t a plan to get the heroes to go en masse to the Sunbottle building?

The fax came through when Muriel Magnificent was manning the phone lines, who, coincidentally (?) is the Overthrower’s biggest rival. Muriel instantly took off in response to the fax, and she has yet to call in with her regular update when on a mission.

She is now four hours overdue.

We are upgrading ourselves to an amber priority. An emergency signal has been sent out to all members of the EFB to report to headquarters as soon as possible.

We have a plan ourselves to come up with.

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