The lunchtime sun was pleasantly warm, as usual, and extremely bright in the deep blue sky above. The crystal clear waters cascaded all around the Fountain of Gaia in the Begonia Garden, overlooking the Fantastic Realm of Olympus. Deer frolicked across the well kept lawn, where the Younger Gods were playing. Zeus laughed heartily as a stray Frisbee almost took his head off, as he was tending to the clogged-up lawnmower.

In the shade of the nearby Great Oak, Apollo sat, reading a poem that his twin sister had penned that morning. Artemis wasn’t actually a great poet, but at times she became bored with hunting most of the time. Apollo thought, as he got into this poem, that it wasn’t as bad as some of her other works, and was about to start reading it again when a dark shadow crept across the scroll he was reading.

He looked up and saw that the sun had gone. Swirling dark clouds were gathering above. The Gods and Goddesses on the lawn had all ran, quickly, into the Lap to avoid getting caught in the sudden storm. The deer had frolicked away. And Zeus was standing in the middle of the lawn, with a discarded lawnmower at his side and a face like thunder.

“Father..?” Apollo walked over to Zeus and did not need to say any more. Zeus was not happy.

“Into the Lap, my son”, Zeus spoke with a command in his voice, gesturing into the open double doors that led into the conservatory. “This storm is from the Temporal Realm. It is a vortex created from the Underworld. Somebody has been meddling with the temporal flow, and this is the result. This storm is everywhere.”

As if in response to his final word, a bolt of lightning struck down from the heart of one of the blackened swirling clouds above and, as if it were a deliberate act, struck the Fountain of Gaia. Pieces of the fountain were scattered all over the lawn and high into the clouds, some of which never came back down to the ground.

In a split second, the ancient fountain had been completely destroyed.

Zeus and Apollo walked into the conservatory, where they, and the other Gods, were now safe from any external influence. Zeus, however, was only too aware that these problems were not only happening in his domain, but all over the Universe

“Somebody has left the gate open…” Zeus seethed under his breath. He looked out of the conservatory window as another bolt of lightning struck the Great Oak.

This is the next part of my Legendary Circles storyline. The previous part can be found here. Or, you can read the whole tale from the beginning by following the links in the Storylines menu option (or you can click here to get there as well!)

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