This is from the minutes of a meeting of a certain Elite Force of Britain, a team of heroes who banded themselves together to protect a city from a group of underhanded businessmen who wanted to own the city for themselves. The businessmen dealt with, the superheroes decided to stick together, and call upon each other in times of need, to look after more national interests.

In Attendance: The Stealth Gentleman (SG); The Green Gladiator (GG); Bettystretch246 (BS); The Crimson Songbird (CS)

Not In Attendance: Aquatom1968 (AQ); Psychic Sue (PS); Cloud (CL); Muriel Magnificent (MM); The Firetop (FT); Invisible Charlie (IC); Lycralad (LY); The Diver (DI); The Puddleton Protector (PP)

Chair and Minutes: Viridian (VI)

Subject of Discussion: Jackets

Reason for Meeting: GG, BS, MM(in absence), IC (in absence), LY (in absence) and VI have all voted against the wearing of the bright red jackets supplied by the Sunbottle Labelling Company. Although this is below half of the group it isn’t an overall majority, but as it is around 43% of the membership a discussion has been called.

Other Notes: The Stealth Gentleman remained quiet in his seat throughout the meeting

The main concern was actually with the colour, rather than the design.
Nobody objected to the large sun logo on the back, which looked remarkably like the Sunbottle logo.
Everyone was aware that The Stealth Gentleman wasn’t too keen on wearing the less-than stealth-like jacket, although he didn’t say so in as many words, and if he had, this meeting wouldn’t have been called, and the jackets would have been rejected. SG still remained quiet.

Red and Green should never be seen, quoted Psychic Sue in a letter she submitted to the meeting last week, although she was strangely in favour of the new jacket, strangely as she has started to wear her new red uniform recently. Firetop responded, via video-link and in his typical hot-headed fashion, that she shouldn’t really be giving fashion tips for one, and for two, she should look at the uniform that Parrot Girl wears – her red and greens go well together.

This made the attendees chuckle, partly because Firetop and Parrot Girl had had a blazing row about her uniform the previous week.

The Green Gladiator was also concerned about the clash of colours, stating something about port and starboard sides, although he too thought the red was too bright in comparison to his deep green uniform.

Bettystretch loved the colour red, and the jacket with or without the logo. Her uniform is like a rainbow of colours anyway, due to her stretching ability pulling the fibres out of place, but she objected to the ‘give’ in the jacket. It was unsuitable for her powers, and everyone agreed.

The flexibility of the jacket was also the reason for Invisible Charlie’s no-vote via email.

Everybody groaned about Lycralad’s reason for rejecting with the idea that it wasn’t tight enough. He’d submitted his reason in a text message.

Muriel Magnificent didn’t like change at all, and had worn the same uniform for the last one hundred years. She only changed her ear-rings last year after one was splintered in a battle with the Overthrower, which caused an infection and terrible swelling on the left side of her face. She moaned for months about that, and is now reluctant to change anything else. MM hasn’t actually submitted a rejection, but everyone takes this as a given.

I, Viridian, reject to the jacket solely because it is sponsorship… And the colour red doesn’t go with my green uniform either. But I gave the reason that once, when we were in the EFOB Jet flying high over the Atlantic for some reason, the heroes gathered on that mission were all wearing either red or green uniforms and they looked shocking together, gaudy colours that had a severe and painful affect on anyone who set eyes on us. Even the flight staff wouldn’t serve drinks the clash was that bad.

In favour of the jacket was the Crimson Songbird, as the red shade matched her designer uniform exquisitely.

Cloud, The Diver, Firetop and the Puddleton Protector weren’t bothered either way if we wore the jackets on missions or not. And Aquatom does his own thing anyway.

In Conclusion:
So, in conclusion, with those voicing an opinion present in this meeting, we have decided to reject the wearing of the kindly supplied (at no cost) jackets.

Meeting Adjourned

This has been an entry from The Superhero Diaries, and ties in with Sideview’s Weekend Theme, so I thought I’d mention that.

Look out for more entries from The Superhero Diaries… coming soon.

16 thoughts

  1. I wouldn’t have worn the jackets either! 🙂

    Thanks for the visit and comment Tom! 🙂

    Now it’s done the big question is ‘Is it good enough to print?”

    Personally I really don’t know…:(

    I have to say I enjoyed reading it though… 🙂

    God Bless!



    1. OK, Deb, I’ll see what I can do with the photos. Well, when I say photos, I mean they are more of an artist’s impression. Well, when I say artist’s impression they’ll be my impression. They probably wouldn’t look anything like them at all. I’ll give it a go though!


  2. A discrete little badge or some thing would be more appropriate I would think..and in black…black goes with everything! Well…so does white…but white is a little “I’m so innocent” ..if you know what I mean?


    1. Yes, I agree Shree. A badge would have been the better option. I also think the paler the badge the more marks will show up on it… superheroes are forever crashing through brick walls!


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