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  1. Nice! I love alliteration. 🙂 What happens when there’s rain?
    You can always trust the rain to slush the rush beyond the bush… mush, mumbles the lushy rush… I can hear it now. XD

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    1. I can hear the slosh of the slush as the rains in the gusts gush through the rush beyond the bush, mixing the mush with the twists of the rush with each watery thrust, in which we all trust. Yes, I can hear it now, CM! 🙂

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  2. And we have certainly had the wind rushing around recently Tom… Love the image and words to go with it… There isn’t a rush in me these days… One day at a time…. For all will be what will be… When enough people see they way the wind blows.. ❤

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        1. Was it foggy yesterday, Sue? Here in the microclimate of Cheshire it was gloriously sunny. Possibly cold, but I didn’t venture out.


            1. Thanks, Sue, although it’s a little more gloomy today. I think it would be foggy although the cloud’s a little too high! 😀


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