A post to finish off a few loose ends, this one.

In yesterday’s post, I found myself wandering around the jungles of Cheshire, taking a photo or two of whatever it was that caught my eye. The photo I used, however, had a couple of extras that I didn’t see at first, although I’ll admit the Spirits of the Trees in this particular post were a little trickier than usual to see. I’ve highlighted them today. The Black Panther really stood out to me as he/she sat there in the branches of the tree, eyes glowing brightly with even its nose visible. And just as I was about to post my post, I spotted a woman in the bottom section. I didn’t spot her dog, which was pointed out by MrsCraft. I’ve use red for the panther and yellow for the woman to make them ‘clearer’, although the woman and her dog do take a little time to come into view. She’s holding a large Chihuhua Chiwowa Chihouha Chihohoa Chihouhaha Chihuhuhuha Chihuahua up in her arms, close to her face… if you make out either of their faces, you’ll soon see the other.

Toward the end of 2016, I posted the Great Beyond the Sphere Trivia Quiz, with a promise to reveal the answers early in 2017. So, without further ado, here are the questions again, with the answers this time!

A new part of the Mansion appeared at the beginning of the year, and within was an unexpected guest. This colourful creature quoted a comedy legend. The question is in three or four parts depending on how you look at things. What was the new Mansion part… what was the creature… and who and what was quoted? The room in the Mansion was the Orangery. The creature was a parrot, who quoted the legend who was Les Dawson… “The way prices are rising, the good old days are last week”.

Can you remember what challenge I set myself back in February? This was easy, and I smashed it! It was to reach 2,000 posts by December 31st 2016. I did it with ease!

What piece of furniture did I proudly walk into in March? And what flavour onion rings did I make a fuss over around the same time? Very obvious, these two. A table and onion flavour, of course!

In April, a six-word Wordle had a missing word… simply, what was the word? The clue really was in this question. The missing word was ‘word’. Word!

New Year’s Eve this year has an extra second just before the stroke of midnight, so the very last minute of 2016 will end at 23:59:60 instead of 23:59:59 as we enter yet another Leap Second (use the time wisely!)… what did I cause time to do in May? I actually caused time to jump. Luckily, I caught it on camera.

In June, something happened to a fine knight of the realm… the question is what was it? The fine knight’s armour rusted.

As part of World Watercolour Month in July, I painted a portrait that sent Blogland into a whirl. The question is easy. Who? That was also the question at the time, if I remember rightly. Again… obvious. It was Lynda Carter!

On the subject of fine art (ahem), I created a lumpy landscape in August that was simply out of this world. Where was this unusual creation set? The red planet… Mars!

What pesky pests did I unleash upon the world in September… totally out of season? The pesky Seasonal Spirits, that’s who!

In October, as part of Halloween month, I posted about something or things that had their own odd way of following. To what am I referring now? What follows in an odd way? Eyes on a portrait, of course!

More comedy legends were mentioned in November; a couple of charming chaps who would be right at home in a cartoon. Who were they? Hardy and Laurel, obviously!

In December I wrote about Ben Sandalwood, and his unusual way of communicating. How did he do it, and to whom did he converse? Ben communicated with Granny Rose through old photographs.

Normal blogging will commence again shortly.


    1. It has, Sue, though a little too quickly!
      This is one of my favourite pastimes, looking for hidden objects within ordinary things – keeps the imagination running!
      And no worries about the quiz… it was just a ‘filler’ post! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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