Rain cascades and lightning strikes

Thunder rumbles determined

Best be inside on such nights
Fidgeting and squirming

Doorbell rings
There’s no one there
A cool draught circles by
Eerie laughter everywhere
Tells you the spirits all say hi…


They’re starting early this year, it seems, them spirits…


  1. They are indeed! I think I’ve just about rid my laptop of computer breakdown spirits from the MS underworld of dark and deadly anniversary updates! Thought this laptop was going to turn into a spirit laptop since the spirit world of MS got involved and nearly destroyed all functionality! Please keep the spirit world under control okay?!! 😉

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      1. Yes I know!!! Laptop seems to have recovered thankfully, though it had a funny turn yesterday – clicked quietly and turned itself off. No warning, nothing. Battery was 79% charged and it wasn’t overheating so very strange. It was fine when I put it on the mains but I do believe you need better control over what you’ve unleashed!! 😉

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          1. Really Tom! You are so disorganised sometimes! Now those seasonal spirits are loose on amazon 🤔 They’re making sellers believe that the products they claim to be selling don’t exist and that they have never heard of them…They even hint that I might be a little crazy for putting in an order….So I think it’s time you got your act together and get them all back immediately

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              1. Now look here you pesky seasonal spirits!! You are wreaking havoc and causing chaos! I think you should return to Tom’s Mansion…under the bath will do! As quickly as possible! ! Thanks. Icewolf. 😊🙃😱😨👻

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                  1. Your “Aethernet” device?!! lol 😁 I did see that in your earlier reply…lol… well maybe not you personally but you’re all a ghoulish nightmare lol so doesn’t really matter 😉 So…. the whole tiresome lot of you will be back will you? 😨😲 Oh dear….😤 Oh know something Seasonal Spirit?…I would really much rather you don’t return…. ever!! It’s very easy… you just don’t darken my doorway ever again! Simplest 🤗 Think you can manage that?!!🤔😇🙃

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                    1. Actually yes!! I believe they are responsible for messing around with my Amazon order for a new phone battery. ..They sent a 3 terminal one – should have been 4. Sent it back got a replacement today..3 terminal battery should have been 4 😈It won’t work in my phone you extra seasonal spirits!! And it won’t charge!!! 😱 I have now given up and gone back to the old battery….I suspect the Extra Seasonal Spirits have been fiddling with that too!😎😞😵

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                    2. More than likely. They keep moving things around here. Even ltteers in repiles… terrible state of affairs. I hope you get your battery sorted, and when you do, you couldn’t zap a Seasonal Spirit or two with it, could you?

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                    3. I’m sending it back for a refund, it’s useless! I think I should send the Seasonal Spirits with it … posting charges are refunded unless they’re big, heavy spirits and amount to more than £4.75 🙂

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  2. Wow! They aren’t even waiting for October!!! You best prepare yourself this year TL…The energies in the world are wild and quite insane, so heaven knows what the spirits are feeling as well and how they will react to them…I am wondering how the mansion is reacting to the insanity??? Stay on alert TL….VK 🙂

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  3. Yes, the wraiths are stirring in the night and no mistake! 🙂

    The world is facing a new horror every day as evil is perpetrated by those who call themselves leaders… 😦

    God Bless!


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      1. I agree VK, but we are just individuals without power – and those who float to the top of the sewer we call politics want that to stay that way… 😦

        Love and huge squishy hugs! 🙂


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        1. That is why the famous, age old quote came into being….” There is strength in numbers!” There is no strength however if we remain isolated instead of joining together to fight against these forces… Have a good week ahead Prenin…. Blessings to you….VK 🙂 ❤

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