I took myself off to the Laboratory earlier today, to try to create something that would give just a little extra time. Well, you never know, it may have worked.

I’ve had some experience of quantum mechanics so thought I’d start off by adding an extra second to a minute. It may not seem like much, but over time it becomes a huge amount. I don’t want to go into details about the experiment – it failed anyway. In fact, I actually managed to shave off part of a minute. Oops. I filmed the clock’s pendulum and if you look closely, you can see the ‘jump’… it jumps on every other anti-clockwise rotation. Sigh.

I’ve managed to put things back as they were, however. I know better than to mess with ti


  1. Stick to the bottles and laboratory chemicals and leave time alone TL…Now you’re messing with the world 🙂 If you couldn’t fix something then …..Eek…hate to think what could happen…Get back to your Lego’s !!! VK

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