“So, tellest me sire, why hast thine armour rusted?”

“The rain, o wise one. The rain, and the walk you sent me on to retrieve the amulet of Lah.”

“Didst thou not think to remove thine armour in the rain?”

“I did not.”

“No need to bow, sire, thoust will surely never straighten again. Continue, if thy will.”

“Aye, your most reverence. I did not think to remove the armour. It was raining, and I had nothing underneath.”

“But surely you wore undergarments beneath the armour. The chain mail pinches, and thoust may end up with many thousands of tiny bruises.”

“I did, o seer. The undergarments got caught in the chain mail making movement very difficult, so I removed it behind a hedge. I then removed the undergarments and then re-attired myself in the armour, from whence it began to rain.”

“And the bruising?”

“Yes, I bruised.”

“Did you retrieve the amulet of Lah, sire?”

“I did not.”

“Please, sire, thine armour is in no condition for bowing. I forbid you to attempt it, and please continue with thine reason.”

“Aye, o elevated one. Apologies, my lord. I did not retrieve the amulet of Lah. It was guarded by three lions.”

“But sire, three lions would have been no match for a knight such as thyself!”

“No, that in itself is true, o gracious one, but the lions were on the other side of a great lagoon. I couldn’t get across the lagoon in the armour.”

“And thy modesty stopped thee from removing it to obtain the amulet?”

“No o clever one, but the rust did.”


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