Inspired by Laura during last month’s World Watercolour Month, I wanted to have a go at painting on texture. Now, I know that I haven’t got painting on a flat surface down to a tee yet, but that’s only details. Off I went to the art shop and bought myself a tub of texture paste. I also bought myself an artist’s knife to smear the texture over the paper. Once smeared, I left it to dry for a couple of days before the painting commenced.

I had another burst of inspiration after adding the texture, that I would create something based on each of the planets. I was going to start at Mercury and then work outwards, but Mercury is a little grey place at the moment (once I get painting on texture to an acceptable level, it will be far more, believe you me!)

So, the first planet in this series is Mars. Just because. Just because I posted about it the other day. Just because I was born in March. OK, no real reason, I just fancied Mars.

I live in the realms of the imagination most of the time, so in my mind (for this painting – it was a far different place for my black wolf post recently) Mars is alive with volcanic activity, hot lava carving its way across the pinky-red surface of the long abandoned world. Also in the Mars of my mind, there are clouds – ash clouds that briefly cover the lava rivers below.

In my mind, I love to fly… so in this creation we are flying high above the Martian activity below.

In reality, I used four colours, red, orange, yellow and a dash of brown here and there, and just allowed my imagination to direct where the colours went. It’s totally abstract. Mars is round… this painting isn’t. The odd thing is, which isn’t really that odd as I make things out of virtually anything that has a repeating pattern (faces in leaves, for instance!), I can see a white horse emerging from the flames in the photo. It isn’t there in the painting itself.

It may be a few weeks until my inspiration strikes for the second planet… but when it does I shall post the results here. The paintings may not look like anything, but they are still paintings. The are still something new that has been created to add a little extra colour into this world of ours, and hopefully pass on a bit of a Feel Good vibe.

I love colour. I love painting. And I love to Feel Good! So there’s a flying start already!


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