I went exploring earlier today, and at one point I thought I’d strayed into a rainforest somewhere. The mist was settling, and a fine rain had began to fall. It was very fresh, but even with the mist it didn’t feel all that cold. I took a few snaps here and there, as I usually do, on my mobile phone, and then transferred them to my computer this evening. As I was looking through them, I noticed this picture. Just a few trees to start off with, and then I noticed a pair of eyes peering out at me from one of the branches. Yes… it’s another Spirit of the Trees, this time taking the form of a black panther.

I’ve enlarged the above image, which has made it slightly fuzzy, but the Spirit can clearly be seen just sitting there, looking back. The featured image at the top may be a little clearer. Is it just me, or can you see it as well?

A woman’s face has also just appeared, toward the bottom centre of the bottom left-hand section, if the image was split into four quarters. There may be others… the more you look, the more they appear.


  1. The black panther is rather tall actually and to me looks like a large black owl…Where I think you see the woman I see a gray/black wolfs face complete with the wet nose 🙂 I’m sure I’ll find tons more….VK 🙂

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