“That’s another fine mess you’ve got me into!”
Vented Hardy to Laurel in the old black and white films
As he was sprayed in the face with water
Unable to move due to entangled limbs
As the tray he ended up sitting on,
After pulling a door handle that came off in his hands
Made him fall backwards at the top of the stairs
Sending everywhere the pots and pans
Which had held Mrs Hardy’s home-cooked breakfast
With the added daisy, that Laurel suggested,
Finding its way into Hardy’s wide open mouth
Coughing and spluttering caught jacket, double-breasted,
On decorative Newel Post, spinning him around
Momentum freed him so he stumbled
As said tray had landed just beneath him
And so together they slipped and tumbled
With the Law of Gravity there to drive them
Quickly down the stairs they hurriedly slid
Hearing the commotion, Laurel opened the front door,
Then quickly stepped aside and hid
Hardy flew through the door so swiftly
He knew he was unable to stop
So grabbed hold of the garden hose
Which didn’t really help with the job
The hose was connected to the sprinkler
Keeping the lawn wet and ever so green
But as the hose twisted and tangled around him
Hardy now moving faster started to scream
Toward the quaint duck pond he hurtled
Arms and legs now firmly bound and tied
And with a large splash he landed
With the hose now watering his eyes
And from inside the house, from the window,
Mrs Hardy looked on all bemused
She’d changed bedrooms the night before
As this was one of her favourite views
‘I’ve always loved mornings…’
She thought, as she started to giggle
As she watched Laurel try to help Hardy
Who was also now wet up to his middle


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