#WorldWatercolorMonth Day Seven

I stand before the entire world naked.

Well, not literally the whole world (seven bloggers),  and not exactly naked in the true sense of the word, but during this #WorldWatercolorMonth of July that’s how it feels. I’m new to watercolour painting… yes, I’ve painted during schooldays millennia ago, but haven’t done it since, and throughout this month whatever I paint I shall publish; good, bad or indifferent. I’m using this month to try to have a go at painting different things in different styles, to see if there’s one I take to like a duck to watercolour, where I can go forth and amass a fortune. I mean be more creative in that regard.

Long time visitors are well aware of the fact that I’m not very good at faces; whether those I’ve created here from time to time, or on my other blog Splodge and Splatter (from which I’m taking a little time out whilst I’m trying to reach my 2,000th post here by New Year’s Eve this year). I have problems with noses, you see. Eyes are OK, but I always have them in two different sizes. Mouths are tricky (is it ‘mouths’ or ‘mouthes’; mouves even!?), and so are ears. It’s best to say that it’s faces I’m not good at (and I chose not to hear the remark about me not being good at watercolour either, thank you from the back there!)

Faces aside, I class myself as something of an expert, nay a Michelangelo, when it comes to portraits. Others class me as a Picasso, and I can live with that as well. I haven’t been called a Rembrandt yet, but there’s time. At the moment, however, I don’t want my head running away with itself, so I’m merely a Tom. And I paint my portraits, tongue planted firmly in cheek (when I’m not painting the tiny tricky areas, that is, at times like that I find myself chewing my tongue…), and on most occasions with my eyes closed. My good one, anyway.

The above is one such portrait. Of a star. A superstar in my eyes, truth be told. And as it looks nothing like him, I won’t be saying who it is. I jest! Obviously it’s a woman…

Already I’ve said too much. The picture should tell its own tale.

I’m having fun just doing. I like colour, and so what? if the end result looks like a scribbled mess. The process here is just as important as the end result… and the end result being an unmitigated disaster may not be the goal that I had when I first started, but hey! On the flip side I’m equally not expecting a masterpiece – but there’s nothing saying that won’t come along either. It’s all about having a go.

#WorldWatercolorMonth isn’t only about getting folk all over the world painting in watercolour, it’s also about raising funds for other folk who can’t get the equipment needed so they too can splosh a little colour around. It’s about sharing happiness… sharing smiles. Visit Charlie’s blog using the World Watercolor Month link below if you’d like to find out more.

And no! I’ve told you already I’m not telling you who it is!


        1. I MAY do, one day… I shall be having another go before the big reveal, however (I do like to tease every so often…!) For now though, we can settle on Sally Field – she looks more like her than who she is meant to be anyway! Ha! 😀

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  1. Oh Yay Tom! What a portrait it’s sure a star!!! Painting faces is not easy at all for anyone takes time and patience with practice will get easier! I love your attitude Tom keep painting every day no matter what the result as long you love doing it, and don’t be too critical with yourself you are doing well!!! 😉

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    1. I think it’s quite handy being able to create a face that looks like so many different people, Isadora! I loved this process though – don’t take anything too seriously… I’ve had great fun with this one.

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