The Earth
The Galaxy
The Universe
The Multiverse
The Imagination
The Mind
My Mind

Sideview’s weekend theme this week is The Circle. I’ve cheated somewhat this week, by recycling one of my posts from yesteryear, which highlights one particular circle on a grand scale. Or not so grand, depending on the point of view.

Everything starts and ends with us. How we feel, how we view situations, how we act in situations, and ultimately, how we view our very existence starts and ends with us. Or rather, me (I).

The I at the centre of everything.

The good, the bad, the light, the dark, the laughter, the sorrow, the memories, the dreams, and everything else surround us. We are both part of and separate from everything else. What we do affects everything else, and ultimately affects us also.

That I at the centre of everything that can make all the difference to everything.

Now, how do you view your circle?

25 thoughts

  1. We are on a circle that never ends.

    Within it we are Gods.

    All seeing.

    All knowing.

    Yet impotent outside our own heads.

    God Bless!



  2. This is a great posting Tom, I guess the only thing that
    remains a constant throughout one’s life is oneself, and
    any changes that one makes develops that life one way
    or another. The many twists and turns, alternative paths,
    roads undiscovered, all are there for one’s own adventure
    that is life itself.

    Have a great rest of weekend Tom and be well 🙂



  3. Awesome post Tom…and you’re right. It’s hard sometimes to think in such a vast scale and sometimes it’s hard to perceive we hold such power…but in the reality of things…we do..don’t we?


  4. Nice one, makes me think of all the connections as well as the addresses kids [used to] put in their books. Do you know the chinese address the other way round from us? ie they start at the biggest place eg China, then province, city … and finish with the person’s name. They do that with everything in their sentence construction. Dates are written year/month/day… Something in it I think


    1. That’s interesting, Elspeth, I never knew that about the addresses… although I don’t really know that much about Chinese culture, being honest! It does make sense though, kind of like homing in or narrowing down, unlike our system of the street first which could really be anywhere!


  5. Loved this Tom, and I AM All that there is…. for I AM a Universe within a Universe… 😉 and Love being just ME…. trying to be at one, not always succeeding, but always its up to ME, to choose, and you can garentee that if I get it wrong, it will always come back Full Circle until I get it right!..


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