The Elite Force of Britain: a team of highly dedicated and courageous individuals who have joined forces to thwart the threat from sinister and despicable villains with superpowers, who are seemingly also joining together.

This is from Viridian’s entry in the diary of the Elite Force of Britain:

Incident report A231045.102-X-YYY1

Bettystretch had no sooner sent out the emergency signal when the doorbell rang. Bettystretch reached over for the intercom button on the far side of the room, while I powered up the old black and white CCTV camera on the front door.

There, I saw, and true to his word, was the despicable Dropped Apostrophe.

I formed my fingers into the shape of a letter ‘C’ and also mouthed the letter to Bettystretch as well, in case the Apostrophe was listening to us. Safety first: once headquarters have been violated we have to be very careful.

Bettystretch clicked the button, which played the ‘Security Forces have been alerted’ loop and sounded the intruder alarm. A red light also flashed above the door, but the Dropped Apostrophe was unfazed. He didn’t move a muscle; instead he simply stood, staring forward.

And then he fell. Backwards. But still without moving a muscle.

I used the perimeter sweeping computer, which had been supplied to us only last week, by chance, by Spark’s Electrical Goods. It revealed the area was clear.

I motioned for Bettystretch to switch off the loop, and then we both went to the front door to see what was going on. The monitor was clearly showing the Dropped Apostrophe was still there, but now lying face upwards.

It took us a couple of minutes to get to the front door, and, when we opened it we expected the Apostrophe to be gone. We didn’t expect to find a life-size cardboard cut-out in his place, which had presumably blown over as it was quite windy.

The question is who placed the Dropped Apostrophe there? Did he do it as a warning… or is someone using him to play us?

26 thoughts

  1. Drumroll…, who indeed dropped the um.. dropped apostrophe? Shall we ever know?… Will the perp (I’ve watched far too many TV cops shows!!) ever be found? … Watch this space… (I am… I am!!) … Footie was fantastic (seeing as ManU won 🙂 … xPenx


    1. Thanks, Kate… and yes, something is amiss too… someone has taken off with the cross-lines in the Ts in Bettystretch’s name in your comment… Bellystretch made me laugh though! 😉


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