A certain wiki site has been created specifically for details about the superheroes of the world.

Although there isn’t a lot of information available about the superheroes, some has managed to get into the public domain, and therefore into the hands of the supervillains.

This is the page from the SVU wiki site (Super Villains United) for the Puddleton Protector, which looks as though it is in the process of being amended.

The Puddleton Protector is a masked defender of the good [really?] from the village of Puddleton in Derbyshire, England. The village is home to around 250 people, and they all feel protected by having their own masked hero around. [Not if I have anything to do with it]


The Protector, as he is locally known, first appeared in Puddleton on September 12th 1987, after a major corporation tried to evict the entire village in order to be able to build a factory, which was discovered to have been intended for the manufacture [Pah!] of ‘specialist devices’.  What these specialist devices were has never been made public knowledge, but local rumour has it that ‘tools’ for the use of the increasing number of supervillains were on the agenda. [Rumour] [Not true] [All lies]

The Protector gathered the three main people behind the factory idea in the village square, and invited every villager along to witness what was said. [To embarrass us more like]

Nothing was actually said, but the Protector showed the three a series of photographs and other documents which made all three pale, and tremble. One of the three stuffed the paperwork into her handbag and stormed off to her waiting limousine. [I didn’t storm off; I had another meeting to attend to] The other two quickly followed and got into the same car. The villagers threw rocks and mud, and other things, at the car as it drove out of the village and they have never been back since. [My car was ruined]

The Protector stayed at the village since that day, and has protected the village on numerous occasions since. [Details needed] [Interfered more like it]

Group Affiliation

The Puddleton Protector is a member of the group of heroes called The Elite Force of Britain, the greatest superhero group to have ever existed. [Advert] [More like the biggest bunch of fools]

Private Life

The Puddleton Protector’s other identity is unknown, although some of the villagers and the EFB know this secret. [Who?] [Who indeed?]


The Puddleton Protector has many amazing abilities including great strength and speed, and has a muscular, tall physique. He wore a moustache between 2001 and 2005 but removed it as people started referring to him as the Puddleton ‘Tache, which he didn’t like. [People started to recognise him in his secret identity more like]

Known Enemies

The Puddleton Protector has one arch nemesis, from the neighbouring village of Ferrington, The Feryngtone Fearegiver. This mystical supervillain has, apparently, lived in the village since the 1100s and has never changed the spelling of his name to reflect the times. He still spells Puddleton as Pudltone and does not recognise the Puddleton Protector as a valid hero to the people. He feels he is the true protector of all the land, and as such the people must worship him or feel the wrath of one of his spells. [A lot of people don’t recognise the Puddleton Protector]

With the help of the EFB, the Feargiver has had some of his abilities considerably reduced in power, but he is still a worthy opponent to the Protector, which isn’t bad for someone who is centuries old. [And reason for us to do the same to the EFB]


The people of Puddleton give their thanks to their Protector, and are in the process of building a statue of him, to be placed on the very spot where he saved their village. [To be destroyed]

14 thoughts

  1. You couldnt point me in the direction of the Protector could you Tom?. I know a few towns in need of help from Feryngtone Feargivers types..

    You just have one of the best Imaginations Tom!..
    Have a Fear- free weekend with your Super-hero ..
    Sue xox


    1. Unfortunately I can’t, Sue, as he’s ex-directory, but, where there’s a Feargiver, a Protector isn’t too far away!
      And thanks, Sue… I try to use my imagination in different ways!


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