Aphrodite looked around.

The garden where they’d landed was beautiful… trees around the perimeter, a small lake over there and a flower bed underneath the chariot.

She felt sad.

Why couldn’t Athena have landed in the centre of the lawn? There were strange white lines that she could see marking out a rectangle with two odd rectangular objects at either end. Lines were also marked across the ground, with a few curves thrown in for good measure as well.

All that space… she thought… and we have to crush these poor flowers.

Hera disturbed her musings.

“Well, that was far from perfect, Athena.”

“Hera, darling, I was steering from the back seat.” Athena couldn’t be any more condescending, which caused Hera to scowl.

“We’re here now” Aphrodite had had enough of the bickering Goddesses. “Almost in one piece, which, after that journey, is something to be grateful for.”

Hera noticed the flashing blue lights from beyond the buildings first, and then the gathered crowd as she brought her attention back in a little closer. The rain was falling quite heavily from the skies, and she blamed this for not seeing the people earlier.

“We are surrounded by mortals” She said, now whispering.

“Not good.” Athena had to finish Hera’s sentence. “We really must learn to be more discreet.”

“Discreet?” Aphrodite couldn’t contain herself any longer. “We came careering into this year so fast my ears are still ringing from smashing that sound barrier. I wouldn’t be surprised if these mortals hadn’t been expecting our arrival for a very long time now.”

“Surely not,” Athena answered. “They’d have welcomed us with open arms if that was the case. These lot look positively terrified!”

Hera spotted one person in the crowd, who seemed to be standing further in front of the others. No, not standing… he was walking. Toward them.

“Such impertinence!” She said, under her breath.

The man wore strange attire. A dark tunic over a white shirt, and leggings. He stopped before getting too close to the chariot.

“Erm… greetings, travellers!” He stuttered as he held up his hands, palms facing the three Goddesses. “Welcome to Earth.”

“Does he think we know not where we are?” Hera whispered to Athena.

The man saw her speak and took a step back.

“I think he’s lucky to be speaking to us at all after that horrific journey.” Aphrodite still couldn’t hold herself.

Aphrodite stepped down from the chariot, causing the crowd to ooh loudly. Some fled, others stepped back, ready for running. The man kept his ground.

“My name is PC Peters” said the man, arms still outstretched. “I have been nominated to speak to you. To welcome you to our world.”

“Greetings, PC”, Aphrodite said, holding her arms in the same way as the man. The crowd oohed again. Athena and Hera stepped off the chariot and held their arms the same way. Hera looked at Athena and whispered “Why do we hold this stance? It is ridiculous!”

The man stuttered again. “Is there anything we can, erm, do for you?” Some of the crowd laughed.

“We seek Gerald.” Athena said boldly, as she lowered her arms. “Do you know where he is? Is he here? We know he is here” Somehow, she couldn’t get the correct words into her sentence. She repeated “We seek Gerald.”

Aphrodite spoke once more. “We come in peace. We mean you no harm. We need to speak to the mortal, Gerald.”

She was shocked to hear some of the crowd muttering they always say that within even more oohs. More people fled. She stepped forward, and the man took a step back.

“PC,” Aphrodite smiled at the man, who had become transfixed by her beauty. “Come here.”

Now hypnotised, the man wandered obediently over to the three visitors. He was just over six feet tall, but looked tiny in comparison the Goddesses. She bent forward and whispered into his ear, and then he spoke to the crowd.

“Move away people. Clear the area… go back to your homes where you are safe.”

He stared forwards, not really noticing the crowds slowly diminishing in front of him, many being moved away by others dressed as he was.

Within the rumbles of thunder, the Goddesses could hear a strange pattering, thumping sound above, and in the next instant they were surrounded by a bright beam of light which came from where the sound emanated. They could also feel a strong wind which was from the same source.

“We do not need a helicopter!” Athena commanded, but the vehicle stayed where it was. Raindrops were now tormenting the three Goddesses, but the young policeman was oblivious to it.

A voice boomed out from above.

“Hera. Do you not see what you have done?”

This is the next part in my continuing Legendary Circles storyline. The previous part can be found by clicking here. Or, you can read the whole tale from the very beginning by following the links in the Storylines menu option.

14 thoughts

    1. Ah, one out of two’s not bad, Prenin! 😀
      I was trying to describe a football field in a park (rather than a stadium) through the eyes of someone who had never seen one before… but cricket is close enough! You’re right about Zeus though!


  1. Wonderful catching up again with this story. I love reading how the mortals are reacting to seeing the godesses, they’ll never be the same!
    Have a great Friday Tom
    Big hugs, Nikki


    1. Yes, I’m wondering what’s next for the mortals… the Goddesses have caused quite a commotion with all of their antics… I don’t know what they’re going to do next.
      Hope you’re having a good Friday, Nikki!


  2. “Welcome to Earth” lol!! Oh dear 😉 These mortals do get confused don’t they! Or is it just the hypnotic effects of such transfixing beauty? lol…I trust these gods are not in fact vampiresses are they? 😉 Love this story!


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