Halloween Fever

You may or may not have noticed, but I have been gripped by Halloween slightly more than usual this year. I don’t mind Halloween, so it isn’t too bad actually, this Halloween Fever. Seeing things in the night, hearing things go bump in the night, thoughts triggered by eerie sounds, random memories, piercing eyes, Full Moons, black cats and peculiar cackles are all signs of this fever. Seeing a lot of blood red, black, green and orange, and purple things and disembodied eyes are other symptoms. Noticing zombies, werewolves, vampires, ghosts, cats, skeletons, banshees and other creatures of the night are clear signs that others have caught the fever too.

My blogging friend Deb Adams created some amazing paintings of zombies for Halloween, and inspired me to have a go at adding some of my own Halloween artwork. I’ve been busy beavering away at these three pieces of computer art just for this occasion. I say computer art, but I really prefer to use the term doodles, it feels a more comfortable term with me. By the way, Deb doesn’t only paint zombies… oh no!… but you’ll just have to take a peek at her blog to see what else she does. Click her name above to go to her site!

So, without further ado, make way for the paintings artwork cartoons doodles:  

1. Zombie by night-vision:

2. Happy Witch:

3. Vampire Cat:

Time to lie down in a darkened room once again. Spooky music playing softly in the background… and snow gently falling outside. Well, it may be. We may have a White Halloween this year!

30 thoughts on “Halloween Fever

  1. Oh I love these three, Tom! You did a fantastic job too. My favorite is that cat looking so pitiful and will a little bell on too…this is fun, we should do this again.
    Thanks too for the link…your a true friend! 🙂
    Hugs xo


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    • Thanks, Andra!
      I’m not too sure on the snow… I know Kate’s had some but I live up north, and the weather for my area is usually different to the rest of the country for some reason. I looked out of the window at about 2,30 this morning, everywhere seemed to have a light white covering and the sky was heavy and white, but I didn’t actually see it snowing – so it could have been frost. A white Halloween sounds good though!


  3. Fabulous T !!!! Love these…What other talents do you have hidden away? You should share them. Go out and chalk the streets with pictures!! Of course here in Amerika you would go to jail for doing such a delightful thing 😦 Happy Halloweening T…. VK


    • Thank you, VK. Doodling and my imagination are all I can share, I don’t think I have much else to offer! I think we’d receive the same fate if we were to doodle the streets as well!
      Have a good week, VK!


    • Thanks, Tilly. No, I’m British. English British with part Anglo-Saxon part Greek origins (apparently). I have no idea where my fascination with Halloween came from – it’s not as though it’s a holiday or anything. And when I was young I never knew it existed. I’ve always been drawn to ghouls and vampires and werewolves and the like, so I think I’m making sure the two go together.
      It’s a good thing that we all don’t like the same thing, isn’t it? Things would be very boring if that was the case!


    • Thanks, Diane! I think seeing a zombie in the daytime wouldn’t be that much different from seeing other people (strangers, that is) wandering aimlessly around… meant in a nice way, obviously!


  4. Love the art and …love the cat!! (I can’t believe I said that…more of a dog person here), but he’s adorable! Great way to lure his victims I’m sure…. 😉


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  7. After seeing these great paintings I am ready to
    ditch my pencils and stick to what I know best, you
    are definitely a fine artist Tom 🙂 🙂 Brilliant…

    I especially like the Happy
    Witch and the Vampy Cat 🙂
    Actually the Frankenstein
    looking Zombie looks ghoul
    too 🙂



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