For weeks, I have been trying to remember something.

Nothing of any major importance, just something of yesteryear that would not come to mind.

Suddenly, tonight, it did.

The Lincoln Biscuit.

Gone, but not forgotten.

Although, if it had been ‘not forgotten’, I wouldn’t have spent the last few weeks trying to remember what it was.

Some odd things come to mind at times, don’t they?

I can’t remember the last time I had a Lincoln Biscuit. I can’t remember what they actually tasted like, but somewhere in the back of my mind, I must have enjoyed them.

A quick internet search has told me that they are no longer available in my part of the world, for reasons I have yet to fathom.

Which is mightily inconvenient, if you ask me, considering I could do with one right now. Sigh. Never mind.

I’ll look for something else instead.


19 thoughts

  1. Wow….i had never even heard of one…It is a British thing? With the name Lincoln it sounds like USA….Either way haven’t heard of it or tasted it…Looks kind of like a short bread cookie…VK


    1. McVities used to make Lincoln biscuits as well as all of the others – in the middle of all of the bubbles they’d add the word Lincoln! Wikipedia gives some great trivia at times, LA!


  2. I prefer custard creams myself, or fig rolls (I have two packets in the kitchen in case I need a treat!), however I can quite remember having one of these from a selection box of biscuits I got one Christmas! 🙂

    God Bless!



          1. Since reading this post I have developed “Lincoln Neck!” It has never happened before but last night I made the mistake of looking in the mirror…in the bathroom… 😉 and horrors of horrors my neck had gone all knobbly!!! Seriously…! I actually think it maybe a reaction to a new cream I bought, It says it’s based on plant extracts but I’m beginning to think it was in fact based on Lincoln biscuit extracts!! That or I’ve got some wierd disease like Lincoln Pox!! Oh Wolf! Hope it clears up soon 😀


    1. Since I remembered the name of them Tess, I have done a quick internet search and it seems there are some recipes out there.
      I may have a go at baking them at sometime… but I don’t really want to spoil the memory I have of them… which I may just do, considering some of the concoctions I’ve created food-wise over the years!!


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