She can sit and wait for hours on end
In weathers wet and dry
You look at her, she looks at you,
And you have to wonder why?

I wonder what she’s thinking
As she sits and looks and stares
Waiting for a snack perhaps
Or thinking of her shares?

Dreaming of adventures
That only certain felines know
Of chasing mice and stalking birds
Or counting all her dough?

Waiting for the moment
To move, to lick, to purr
Her calculations have to be just right
So as to benefit her.

I’ll never know if it’s me she sees
When she sits and looks and stares
With distant looking gorgeous eyes
Not exactly unawares


  1. Wow!!! Is that your cat T???? What a beauty! I am a cat lady for sure. If she is yours enjoy her totally. Great poetry by the way…Have a good one….VK


      1. Gaze back at them…deep into their eyes…they will take you with them into different realms…you can see them reflected in their eyes…if you open your mind to what they are showing you…


        1. Yes, but if you gaze too long into Spudley’s eyes (and too closely!) she makes you stop gazing with a swift swipe!
          But yes, I can see the places where she looks into, Icewolf, but only in my mind’s eye!


          1. It is indeed an allergy to cats and a bad one. It’s odd as from family photos I had two cats growing up. Nothing works other than having my cat friends come over to my house rather than the other way around! So…that’s the solution for now..but it does mean I miss out on some awesome Sunday Roasts! 😦


            1. You could suggest a ‘bring your own’ one day… for a laugh! 😉
              Seriously, though, I hope your allergy clears itself miraculously… friendly cats are so cuddly it’s a shame for an allergy to stop the experience! I’m allergic to the Summer, so I do sympathise, Susan… although, for some reason, I haven’t been too bad this year!


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