Meteors, Eclipses and Asteroid Showers!


First we had the snow. Then the rain. Then the fog. Then the snow in the fog. And then, last night, a meteor exploded above the UK, causing people from all over the country to witness it.

Apart from me.

Apparently, it appeared at around 17.40 on Wednesday evening. At that time I was just getting myself warm, and tucking into some delicious food – and when I’m feeding that tends to be my only priority. I do love food!

It isn’t the first time I have missed an astronomical phenomenon. A few months ago, I was looking out to see if I could catch a glimpse of the Perseids Meteor Shower, where hundreds of shooting stars can be witnessed by the naked eye. I saw one.  OK, this doesn’t exactly fit in the “missing an astronomical phenomenon” statement, but I would have loved to have seen a lot more than one. Not that I’m ungrateful that I saw one, I hasten to add – that was just as magical an experience as seeing many, in fact even more so as I could have missed that completely if I was a couple of seconds earlier or later. Right place, right time and all that jazz!

On 11th August 1999 I was treated to the Total Solar Eclipse. I was working in Birmingham at the time, but I took my break to coincide with it, and went outside. Hundreds of other people went outside at the same time, and we all watched the eclipse. I went back late from my break – very late in fact – but nothing was said. Well, how often do we get the chance to observe a total eclipse? I was very lucky in the fact that just outside of the office where I worked there was a bus shelter, which had tinted glass. I positioned myself so I could see the sun through the glass. It was a little cloudy, but I could make out the outline of the sun. And the darkness from the shadow was eerie. Spectacular but eerie. I’d love to observe another Total Solar Eclipse!

My brother saw last night’s meteor. He said that he didn’t think it was a meteor though, he thought it was a firework because it was green. I told him he must have seen a firework, as meteors aren’t green, and I laughed incredulously at him when I said it. In my mind, meteors are red, yellow and orange and rumbling and dramatic. Not green. I’ve had a look at the news sites before typing this post, and it was green. Hmph! I was wrong again. At least I’ve learned something new!

That has actually got me thinking about the strange thing I saw many years ago that was red and quickly dropped to Earth. One of my friends saw it too – we were in separate places – and he was quite frightened by it, but I thought at the time it was a meteor so I wasn’t afraid. Now that I know that meteors are green I don’t know what it was that I saw… it wasn’t mentioned in any news broadcast or newspaper, and nobody mentioned it since… no, I still don’t feel afraid. I saw a red meteor. A rare red meteor.

And, I have two other astronomical events to look forward to this month! Firstly, we are being treated to the Geminid Meteor Shower just after midnight on 14th December, so this will give me another opportunity to see more than one Shooting Star, and then, on December 21st we have a Total Eclipse of the Moon, which may prove a little difficult to see due to the timing, but still, the magickal and mystical effects of this phenomenon will be remarkable in themselves!

I’d go so far as to say get some really good Cosmic Orders ready, and send them to the Cosmos on December 21st! Which, by the way is also Solstice Day.

When the Universe is giving signs like this, they shouldn’t really be ignored, should they? Or maybe everything is just a coincidence? Even if you do not believe in the power of Cosmic Ordering, our creatively conscious side of the Law of Attraction, why not give it a go anyway? You’ve nothing to lose if it doesn’t work for you, and everything you can ever dream of to gain if it does!

The Universe is amazing. You don’t really need me to tell you that, though… just look at the spectacular displays it offers to us every day. I’m grateful for all of these astronomical events. Even the ones I miss! There will be another similar one along in no time at all, so I haven’t really missed out!

And that helps me to continue to feel good!


4 thoughts on “Meteors, Eclipses and Asteroid Showers!

  1. You weren’t the only one to not see it, I didn’t even know we had a meteor entering our atmosphere at all until I read this……

    I also have no memory of the eclipse in 1999 either! Still, I will look forward to the moon eclipse, I’ve witnessed a couple of those, they are quite magical. I’ve also witnessed several meteor showers in my time, again quite spectacular! Better than any firework display.


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