Positive versus Negative

We all love the movies… good versus evil, the books… right versus wrong, the music… peace versus war. Usually, the good always wins, or the ‘bad’ changes sides and joins forces with the ‘good’ side.

I don’t think I have ever read a book, watched a movie, or heard a song where the opposite has happened. Maybe sometimes it has got quite close to happening, but in the nick of time something good always happens. I think that is how everything should be in the world. I’d feel very disappointed if the hero of my story didn’t win in the end – or didn’t at least draw. OK, I’m referring to works of fiction here.

In the real world, in the stories we read about, or hear about, or even watch in the news, we are presented with a slightly different picture. We are told of events where the badness appears to be winning. We are told of the hero not winning out in the end. We are told of good being replaced by bad.

What a rubbish picture!

Yes, there is bad in the world. We know about that just by glancing at a newspaper. But there is also good too! Why isn’t this reported as often? Why do we find it so easy to associate more with the negative and not the positive?


I’m being the good guy in my story. I’m loving my story so far, but there are some little things that are trying to dissolve away my positivity. Not necessarily negative things, I must add, but things that make me stop and think.

I’ll write about these ‘attacks’ on my positivity over the next few months, I don’t want to put too much into one post, but I will write about one thing that has come to my mind of late. People.

One thing I have noticed about people, is that we (I do include myself!) have a collective competitive streak. We all want to do well, but sometimes we want to do better than someone else. Doing well is a good thing to aim for. Doing better for yourself is also a good thing too.  But trying to outshine someone else who is only trying to do their best isn’t so good. Competition is both a good and a bad thing. It is good to encourage others to take part, join in, give them hope – but it is also bad when they do not win. If someone entered a competition for the fun of entering, and not particularly bothered about the outcome, then competition is fine. If someone enters a competition who is hell-bent on beating one of their opponents, the competition becomes more sinister. There is no fun in winning in such a ruthless manner, in my opinion, and losing with that attitude is even worse! You can see the Law of Attraction lining up loads of reasons for the competition to get even worse from that last sentence, can’t you?

The reason I am going on about competition is all due to outdoor Christmas decorations. The blow up Santas, the bright lights, the musical sleighs. You can see the neighbours who are competing with each other by the sheer volume of coloured lights that are strung up all over their homes! Some streets have that many lights up now, the street lights are no longer needed. In fact, it is lighter at night than it is during the day in some places!

Before you say “Bah, Humbug!”, I like Christmas lights, I really do. They make everywhere look nice and festive. And then you see the efforts of the warring factors and you just sigh.

So, my positive versus negative good point of today goes to those who are subtle. Those who do their own thing, in their own way, without upsetting, or interfering with whatever someone else is doing. Those who do their own thing, and aren’t bothered by what other people do or think. And those who do their own thing, feel good doing their own thing, and know that the thing they are doing is a good thing. The right thing.

Positive 1 – Negative 0.

The competition has begun!

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