And now the weather… and the NEWs*

“You name it – we’ve had it!”  Wendy Windways always likes to state the obvious when presenting the weather for the national MeTV weather report. What she doesn’t realise, though, is the truth in her words.

Over the past few days, we’ve had snow, rain, fog, freezing fog, and today we had snow again, whilst it was foggy! Snow in the fog!!! I don’t think Wendy Windways could have forecast that. It may be a common occurrence, but I have never experienced it before. Although, I hadn’t experienced a whiteout until the other day either, and they really are regular occurrences.

Still, they all make for experiencing new things I suppose. It’s good to experience new things. They give something to write in a blog, for example, or a random memory that will appear many years in the future. And like I said the other day, we can’t do a thing about the weather, so whatever it does we should enjoy it – or at least enjoy doing something else whilst the weather is doing it’s thing.

The New Year is not too far away, and most people use this as a reason to start something new… searching for and getting a new job; starting a diet and losing weight; and beginning a new project are some examples that spring to mind – but why wait until the New Year? If you think about it, every day can be classed as New Year’s Day, we can start our year whenever we want to. Just because the calendar year begins on January 1st doesn’t mean to say that our personal New Year has to. Look at the financial year – that doesn’t begin in January. Instead of waiting for the New Year to start that project, start now!

My New Year’s Resolution is to be more proactive in the things that I do. I have faith in my abilities, I can do what I intend to do, and I will start them. I will enjoy myself immensely as I’m doing them, and can see myself in a few year’s time looking back and thinking “Imagine if I’d put that off…” Of course, I’ll be on the deck of my luxury yacht, somewhere around the world, basking in the sun and sipping cocktails watching Wendy Windways’ weather forecasts as I’m thinking this.

For now though, I’m spending today’s New Year’s Eve in quiet contemplation, and in anticipation for my new start to begin!

Happy New Year! 😀

*I know it’s bad… 😉

4 thoughts on “And now the weather… and the NEWs*

  1. What is with your weather?
    Haha – I say that like you are personally responsible for it…so what are you doing to the weather ‘cuz I figure your are personally responsible…

    I like what you say about starting things any time during the year. I celebrate a “New Year” every few months and make new and exciting resolutions for each one. Helps keep me in a celebratory mood and setting new goals throughout the year.

    To be fair, I make the best resolutions. And they never get broken.


  2. The weather has certainly been a talking point of late! We’ve had a bit of a Christmas card scene today though, pink skies, and trees covered with pinky-white frost! Very pleasant, but cold! There was one cloud today (I’ve actually spotted similar clouds over the past couple of weeks) that had a rainbow at the left side of it. Not a big rainbow, but the colours edged the clouds nicely!

    I’m enjoying our extreme weather! It’s ALL my doing! 😀


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