This post actually follows on quite nicely to what I was writing about yesterday, in a coincidental kind of way. The message has just filtered through to me, although I have been asking for the message to come to me for a long long time. The signs have always been there, but I have read them in a slightly different way. Not in a wrong way, as they are only signs to be interpreted. I had interpreted them in the way that I wanted to see them, not in the way they were intended for me. When I first started this blog I wrote about this being the place where my thoughts and ideas would be posted. My thoughts and ideas. But sometimes those thoughts and ideas may not really reflect what is actually under the surface. I had misinterpreted what I was thinking, what I was meaning. I wasn’t wrong, in my mind, but I also wasn’t that clear.

Some of the signs were literally screaming out their meanings to me, yet I still didn’t grasp the full intended meaning. Take, for example, the Shakira song I wrote about a couple of days ago. Some of the lines in the song are:

“This is your time to shine”

“Today’s the day”

“Seize the moment”

“Don’t wait in line”

“Raise expectation”

“This is your moment” and

“You pave the way, don’t hesitate”

I liked the song because I liked the rhythm. I also like the words. There really is a reason in everything we come across. We just have to notice what that reason is. The coincidences I experience everyday are no coincidence – they happen because they have something to tell me. I believe that I experience coincidences because I am in the right place at the right time to notice them. There are probably even more coincidences happening that I don’t notice because I am looking in the wrong direction, which could indicate that in that moment I am slightly off-track with where I should be. Not with my life, obviously, just for that split second. However, with me experiencing the number of coincidences that I do, I feel I’m more on-track than off it. And that feels good.

On the fourth of October I did another of those on-line tarot readings that I wrote about toward the end of last month. I didn’t write about it here as it was too soon after the last reading, or so I thought, but the ‘present’ card was the Wheel of Fortune… the reading that was provided said ” Chance: A turn of events. Fate spins off in new directions and fate takes the stage. Chance presents new opportunities for those who seize the day”. I did another reading today, and the ‘present’ card was 8 of Pentacles, which read “Skill: There is no substitute for talent and experience. A person of exceeding skill and mastery. A time for diligently applying what has been learned in the past” and the ‘future’ card was The World. The coincidence here is that yesterday I was writing about living now and the card selected today, in the present, states a time for diligently applying what has been learned in the past. Again, all of this is open to interpretation, but that could be the message advising me to look closer to the coincidences and learn from them.

There had to be a reason why I got to hear Shakira’s song when I did, and not before.

Another example of a message trying to get through was a song that I kept hearing everywhere I went, every time I turned on the TV or the radio, or if a car drove passed with it’s music system on very loud (which happened quite a lot…) was ‘About You Now’ sung by Miranda Cosgrove. The chorus goes:

Can we bring yesterday back around?

‘Cos I know how I feel about you now

I was dumb, I was wrong, I let you down

But I know how I feel about you now

I was singing that song for months, well, humming the tune – I didn’t actually know the words apart from the ‘about you now’ bit. Even the title was giving that clue away, but I was looking elsewhere.

I always look forward to the future. I have written about my dreams of my large house, my fantastic job, having the money I want to do whatever I want, but one thing was missing. I have written about Cosmic Ordering, and requesting things from the universe that I want in the moment, but again, an empty space had been created. I wrote a blog post all about nothing, but didn’t mention this space, which is really, in my opinion, the biggest space ever. The reason I have wrote all of that is to get to this point. The message that has filtered through to me. (I feel like I should have a drum roll in the background now.)

Chasing dreams is a good thing to do. It passes the time, makes me feel good, and lets the universe know what I may be requesting the next time I send a Cosmic Order (consciously or not). The thing is, by chasing those dreams I am actually running away from my destiny. The destiny that has brought me up to this point. The events in the past that have happened for a reason. By chasing my dreams I am missing my now. Missing such fundamental things that are screaming out to be noticed because I am looking elsewhere.

Like I have said having dreams is good, and I do not for one minute want to stop having them. I enjoy my Cosmic Ordering and would never want to stop doing that either. But I must also turn my attention to the most important thing here. Me. I’m right here, right now. Pay more attention to what is happening in the gift known as the ‘present’ around me. Not such a vast shift in thought when you come to think of it. So, this is my time to shine, today’s the day, to seize the moment. I don’t want to wait in line any longer, I have to raise my expectation. This is my moment. I must pave the way and not hesitate. And I know how I feel about me now.

Message received loud and clear. And I really feel good!

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