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Here I proudly present the first tale in my ‘Fancy a Writing Challenge’ challenge.
(This is the first post ever to be reblogged on my blog so hopefully it will work…) Shree Jacob has weaved the mystical and magical in a tale where Snow White herself meets the one and only Aquatom, Hero of the Universe (OK, I added that last bit!). Many thanks to Shree for getting my challenge off to an amazing start!

Shree's Writing Experiment

Snow White (Disney)

This is a writing challenge from a blogger friend Tom. Hope you enjoy it!

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Everything begins somewhere.
Light. Sound.
A dream life.

Starweaver’s life began as a dream, and continues as one.

He soars between the stars at great speeds, looking and learning. He’s looking for anything out of the ordinary. He found a planet, our planet, many years ago, and visits whenever he can.

He visits during the night, when his power is the strongest. He uses magic to get his message through to the planet’s inhabitants. Some take note of his message and act on it. Others class his message as just a dream, and quickly forget about it.

Starweaver doesn’t mind.

Off to a flying start

This was it: time for her to make her first appearance. Her heart was pounding as she stood backstage. All seats were taken, the house was full. She waited nervously for her name to be announced by the show’s star.

Her name was eventually mentioned. The crowd cheered wildly as the spotlight shone brightly on her side of the stage. She stepped forward, and promptly tripped on a microphone cable that she hadn’t noticed. She fell, head-first onto the stage, ripping the cable out of the speaker system as the magician was giving his introduction.

“My beautiful assistant, Caroline Clumsy…”

Storm Front

Between the rain and through the wind, the lightning illuminates the horizon. Low cloud is coming inland, the sandy beach completely covered by a swarming mass of murky and cold-yet-clear seawater.  The jagged rocks, slowly starting to fade to invisibility, with reflections more clear than the real thing, are once again braced for the oncoming onslaught of the elements. Gulls and other creatures are well hidden, and well ready for the foreboding storm. The skies are heavy, and the only hint of blue is not from the sky itself, but the reflection of the lightning in the swirls of water. Time, I think, to get home before the storm begins…

Tales from the bathroom: An easy mistake to make

Mistakes happen from time to time… they’re inevitable. But, there is one mistake that one should always try to avoid, at all costs.

Never, never ever mix up Twilight Stealth hair gel with a tub of Finest Caviar.

It’s a tad unfortunate that both packages are of a similar shape and colour, but that is entirely where the similarities end. One tastes awful, and the other tastes far worse. One helps to style one’s hair perfectly, and one, well, doesn’t.

I was in the bathroom the other morning, in a rush as I usually am in the morning, and noticed that my tub of hair gel was empty. I dashed to the bathroom cabinet, a room actually just off the landing, and noticed there were no other tubs of hair gel there either.

I dashed to the kitchen, remembering that I had bought some gel from the Olde Shoppe the other day and must have packed it away with the other things. At the back of the cupboard I saw the tub, and swiftly grabbed it.

I dashed back to the bathroom, opened the tub which I thought was a different strength gel as the lettering was slightly different (I try different strengths from time to time as my hair gets used to gels and stuff very quickly). I took the lid off the tub, and had to peel back a clear film. It was a little tough at first, which didn’t help considering I was in a rush and had to do a little ironing before dashing out to work. Eventually, I got the film off, scooped a large amount of this gel into my fingers and smeared it through my hair.

It was then that I realised what I had done.

In no time at all, I was swiftly trying to wash lumpfish roe out of my hair, which isn’t really easy when you are in a hurry.

Finally, I managed it. I couldn’t smell any fish-like smells, and I couldn’t see any signs of roe left in my hair. I managed to scrape the tiniest amount of gel from the old tub, and somewhat styled my hair in the time I had.

I had no time to iron, so put my shirt on as was, and hoped that nobody would notice.

I think I got away with it… nobody mentioned anything to me anyway.

The odd thing is, though, I don’t like caviar. I don’t remember buying any, and the last time I did was over twenty years ago. I don’t think this tub was twenty years old, so I must have picked up the tub of caviar thinking it was hair gel.

Or, someone had placed the tub of caviar in with the hair gel in the shop, and I grabbed the wrong item.

But, it’s an easy mistake to make…An easy mistake