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The one that got away

The dark. The cool. The shade.
It’s late. I’m alone.
Footsteps ahead.
I hide. Crouching silently. Waiting patiently.
Twigs crack. Birds squawk. Eyes narrow.
I watch. I stare.
It’s now. Or never.
I stretch. I pounce. I reach. I flex. I grab.
I miss.
Next time. I’ll feed.
I’m hungry.


There’s a slight fizz in the air.
An electrical charge that seems to be all around.
Sparks leap forth from the button – I decide to walk.
I touch the banister. It touches me back.
A sharp jolt.
A quick shock.
A loud crack.
I pull my hand away, but decide to try again.
And again, a gently severe thud touches my fingers.
Coursing throughout my body goes the charge.
I can feel it.
Out it goes through my feet and hands and also through the top of my head in an instant.
Out through every single strand of hair on my head.
Lifting every single hair.
Smoking? No. Thankfully.
Although it couldn’t look any worse.
There’s definitely a slight fizz in the air.

… fancy a writing challenge?

OK, first of all, this post has nothing to do with yesterday’s post at all. The title seemed to carry on well with it, so I thought why not. And the post yesterday was, in a roundabout way, to do with connections. So, this post is kind of connected to yesterday’s post by that virtue.

Not that today’s post is really about connections, but again, in a roundabout way it is.

Talk about waffle! Deep breath. Gulp.

Roundabout now is April 1st – somewhere in the world it is, in other places it isn’t yet. To most people, it’s April Fool’s Day. To me, it is day one of my super new challenge, 101 tasks in 1001 days.

Already I’m appealing for help!

I’ve started to add a list of the tasks I need to complete over the next thousand days, but don’t bother reading it yet… I’ve only got eleven items at the top, and one at the bottom. There’s a huge space in the middle that needs to be filled. And this brings me to my appeal.

No, it isn’t for you to come up with the remaining suggestions for me, I’ll do that as time goes on. No, it is for help with task number 11, that I added yesterday.

        11. To appear in at least five random short stories on other people’s blogs

There’s no timescale for this (well, there is, it’s a thousand days from April 1st 2012)  to be completed, so it doesn’t need to interfere with any current writing projects or arcs you currently have on-going. It isn’t a competition, so there isn’t a prize, but I will post your story on this blog as a ‘guest post’* – something I have never done before. The story doesn’t need to be of any great length, and can be around any subject of your choosing.

Bear in mind that I have the body of a Greek God, many super-heroic abilities, occasional vampire tendencies, time-travel experience with a supernatural pull to the Seventeenth Century, various Inner Beings who try to take over my persona, and exceptionally unruly (at times) hair. I live in a Mansion that crosses the border between Reality and Surreal Reality that contains rooms even I haven’t seen yet. And I love to fly and soar through the wonders of the Universe.

I don’t mind how you portray me in your story, but the better you make me appear the more to the truth you will be. No! Only joking. Honestly. I’m actually leaving the handling of my on-line character in your hands. Can you actually say you have been given this much trust from a virtual ‘stranger’ at any time before? My Inner Child smiles as he says “Be kind”.

Now. The rules.

I don’t do the award things because of the rules, but this isn’t an award thing.

The challenge is that I appear in at least five stories on other blogs, so you will have to write about me on your blog. Sorry about that. And link back to my blog, if you feel the need.

Once you have published your story, I will then publish it on my blog, with a link back to your blog.

*If, by some random fluke, every blogger on the planet decides to take part in this challenge, I may not be able to publish every story on this blog. I will need to post my own posts as well, so I apologise in advance if this happens. Even superheroes have to do their day jobs.

And really, them’s the rules. If you would like to help out, please have fun writing. This is meant to be a fun challenge, so go and enjoy!

Please let me know if you are interested in helping me with this challenge, either in the comments or by email or telepathy. My telepathic skills aren’t the best, I’ll admit, but at times they are on par with my email service.

If you are interested in participating in the 101/1001 challenge, click here for more details – actually frequently asked questions provided by Sarah, the lady behind the challenge.

Oh, and White Rabbits! Happy April!!!

Making of the Shrew…

The Story Circle

Recently, I was asked to take part in a bit of a challenge. A relay writing challenge. I accepted, and had a fabulous time in doing so.

I was a little apprehensive at first, as I was in fourth place. I was writing the finale of the story, which meant I had to tie up loose ends, finish the story, keep the momentum going, hope the whole thing made sense, and didn’t ruin the fabulous three parts that went before me. All with someone else’s characters to boot!

This relay challenge is an idea of Cameron D Garriepy, where she invites a guest writer to start the story, and then the following parts are written week by week by a different writer, chosen by the previous one. The graphic above links to Cameron’s site, and I’m still reading through her pages myself, having only recently started visiting her site. Our paths have crossed over the blogosphere from time to time, however!

If you would like to read the story, I would suggest starting at the beginning, but also read with an open mind. Here are the links:

Part One was written by Andra Watkins

Part Two was written by Kate Shrewsday

Part Three was written by Susan Sheldon Nolen

And Part Four was written by me.

I’d like to thank Cameron for providing the challenge in the first place, and for publishing my part of the story on her site. I would also like to thank Andra, Kate and Susan for laying down the plotlines, and leaving some spaces between the lines for me to fill in! And I’d like to thank Penelope, the character whom the story revolves around – I find that if you like the character, they write for themselves. Hopefully my part does justice to the other three excellent parts.