Pluto Rising

“What do you mean Dwarf Planet?!” Bellowed plutoCen Kr’Dorir as he shattered his lectern with a single punch.

All of the members of the Plutonian Council murmured, shifted and shuffled in their pews.

The visitors from neighbouring planets Eris, Haumea and Makemake glanced awkwardly at the plutoCen, and smiled knowingly toward each other.

Eris’ Prime Negotiator T’Lom took to the central Circular Platform.

He bowed toward the plutoCen and the other delegates.

“plutoCen Kr’Dorir, you must understand that that designation only comes from the Earth-dwellers. They know not of what they say. They see the images we have relayed back to them, thinking they are seeing your world as they think it should be seen, not as the lush, exotic place it actually is.

“They are going off the old way of thinking that size matters. They know not of the planet Sroc, that orbits Pluto. And if they did, they’d classify it as a tiny moon.

“They classify my world, Eris, as a Dwarf Planet also, yet to them, not so long ago, it never even existed… we still do not exist. They are explorers. Knowledge hunters. Filling holes and changing their minds without a moment’s notice. Altering their facts when their earlier facts no longer fit.

“To them, we are Dwarf Planets, even Ice Dwarfs to some of them. But you can take comfort in the knowledge that we have all been designated Plutoids, from the days when they classed Pluto as one of their nine planets.

“As we did in the past, we can all join together once again to educate the Earth-dwellers to think differently once more. Show them more of our language, and remind them of their early language, that they seem to use on stones called ‘Runes’ in these modern times.

“Show them that your title, Cen, or torch, actually means ‘Guiding Light’.

“I motion that we arrange a fleet of Circular Vessels to take us to Earth and visit their leaders. To show them  just who we are and where we are from.”

The Plutonian Council and their visitors pressed their voting panels on their consoles. When a motion is raised by any Prime Negotiator, a vote immediately takes place, and the outcome dictates whether further action is necessary or not. Those gathered, most if not all, remember the last motion that was raised where Earth was concerned.

And again they murmured.