Dear End Of The Week,
You are certainly coming around more quickly now. Not that I’m complaining, as I absolutely adore the weekend, but the speed of your arrival also means that your counterpart, the Beginning Of The Week, gets to arrive in quick order. Would you mind slowing down a tad so as I can keep up with events in the middle?

Dear Heat,
Here we are in Mid-Summer (or the start of Summer, depending upon your perspective) and I would just like to say how refreshing it has been today, Thursday. Gloriously cloudy with the odd sprinkling of rain, you have been more bearable than of late. Not everyone appreciates the rain or cloud-cover, but I do, and the more comfortable the temperatures are the better the Summer, in my opinion.

Dear Summer Solstice,
Today is June 22nd, which is a date you occasionally use to make your appearance known to all of us on Earth. The last time you used this date was back in 1975, the year before we had a run of hot weather similar to what we have experienced this week (according to sources). I remember the hot Summer of 1976 very well, as then, as has happened now, the roads were melting. I read you won’t be using June 22nd for another Solstice until 2203, which is rather a shame as a change is as good as a rest, but at least you are using 20th on occasion as well as the 21st. Happy Summer Solstice, by the way!

Dear Fan,
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. That is all I can say. Over and over again.

Dear Blackbird,
How pleasant it was that you didn’t fly away as I walked by you earlier today. You were too busy looking for tasty morsels to notice me in your immediate area, but when you spotted me with your ringed eye you didn’t flinch. I thought a friendly ‘hello’ to you, and you carried on with your business. See – not everyone means you harm, but you are right not to trust everybody.

Dear Journalists / Newsreaders / Presenters,
I’m not very politically minded, and I’m not all that keen on you guys either, but lately you appear to me to be trying to lead the country. Regardless of your personal opinion, which shouldn’t really come across as unbiased as you are, I think you should just stick to your journaling, reading and presenting, and leave the leading to those who have been democratically elected. If change is needed it will work its way through, by those who have been selected by the population to do so. If you aren’t attempting to lead the country, then I apologise for saying otherwise, but this is what I’ve picked up from your reports. Maybe you need to be a little clearer in what you say? Just sayin’.

Dear The Word Argle-Bargle,
‘Copious but meaningless talk or writing; nonsense’; I think I may use you in my next tag line. Fitting that I discover you at this point in my weekly letters!

Dear The Word Criticaster,
There’s always one, isn’t there?

Dear Complexion,
Lovely that you appear so peachy smooth in a morning, but such a shame that you turn into a shrivelled prune by teatime. I know it’s the heat’s fault, and not yours, and I am drinking gallons of water to keep both me and you replenished, but you could help by holding up those under the eye bags a little longer. That way there would be less advertising space.

Dear Sleep,
So grateful that you haven’t been disturbed by the recent hot weather. As we have now passed the Summer Solstice, the nights are starting to get longer, so you may find your power increasing somewhat. Could I kindly request that you remember I do have to get up early most mornings, so hanging around after the alarm has gone off can be very tempting. At the weekend, you can hang around for as long as you like! Perhaps you have something to do with Letter One in today’s post? Now there’s a thought…

And to finish… Dear All,
Please remember that life is meant to be fun; well I think it is. Try to see the fun, lighter side to things and things aren’t as bad as they appear. And if they are, laugh anyway!

Thank you for reading!

P.S. Here’s an old digital painting I did of the Sun, just because:

Well, you need a bit of Sun at the Summer Solstice. (Long-time readers and visitors may recognise this image as it is one I used for my Gravatar back in the pre-history days of blogging!)


  1. Tom this was a masterpiece, and yes I remember 76, and the heat wave,, I put my young son at the time in the washing up bowl of water to help cool him down, he was one at the time.. 🙂
    And yes such a lovely cooler day today, lucky you had rain.. we had dark clouds but nothing landed.. So we will be down the allotments first thing watering away, as we left it today as it forecast rain..

    And yes, thank goodness for fans… 🙂 my own has been whirring away thankfully Sleep! I am hoping for a better night tonight..

    Sending you lots of cool thoughts.. And wishing you a pleasant weekend and yes.. Life is for living… Enjoy the hot and cold.. and the in-between bits too
    Hugs Sue ❤

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  2. Dear Heat, I seem to remember asking you to visit us last week. Did you get lost?
    Dear Word Argle- Bargle, you are awesome!
    Oh ,and
    Dear Journalists / Newsreaders / Presenters, your brothers and sister here in the deep south seem to be tarred with the same brush.
    Dear Tom, thank you and may your weekend last longly and replenish you

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    1. Ah, maybe the heat is taking the long way round to get to you, Raili. Maybe this week?
      And I agree about argle-bargle… it must be used more frequently!
      I hope you are having a pleasant (and warmer!) weekend also, Raili.

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    1. erm … to continue….

      …. Solstice Edition!. (guess who pressed ‘something’ – I know not what – which sent my message too early).

      This post entertained me, educationamilsed me, raised my eyebrows, and made me smile bigly.

      I had never heard of “Argle-Bargle” – apparently meaning: ‘Copious but meaningless talk or writing; nonsense’ . . . and feel that you obviously learned this phrase in order to describe my blog posts to those who don’t know me, possibly so that you could warn them! 😉

      The end of the week arriving quickly – over and over again. I can relate. Ohh how I can relate.

      The heat that some of us are experiencing here in the UK …. where-as you found some relief was being supplied to you yesterday, we here in the South have taken delivery of our parcel of relief today. I have never been so welcome for this as I am right now.

      I too remember the Summer of 1976 … I was a young girl with an idea that the Sun being hot must be fun because everyone seemed to think it was fabulous. I’ve grown up since then, and I don’t think that excess heat is in the least bit fabulous. (grizzle, huffle, hmpffft!)

      Your letter to your “Dear Fan” … I wondered why you were being so modest, when you clearly have many fans. Then (eventually) the penny dropped and I felt a fool for being such an idiot. (situation normal then).

      The Word Criticaster, …. I’d never heard of this word before either. The Collins English Dictionary told me it meant: ‘a lowly or petty critic’.
      More great educationalmalisation! I’m wondering if perhaps you have missed your calling and should have been a teacher because I think you’d be great at it.

      And finally … I agree. Life really is meant to be fun. Let’s make the fun happen!

      oh…. sheesh, how did I almost forget this … Your Sun! OUTSTANDING Sun Tom. Bloomin’ fabulous bit of art. Way to go you clever chap! Love it.

      Yours sincerely,
      noooo, what am I thinking …. not ‘yours sincerely’ you daft, silly woman – this is Tom!
      Have a blessed Friday, Mr. Shoulda beena Teacher Tom. Sending oodles of squidges ~ Cobs. x ❤ 😀

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      1. Hehehe!
        Blame the heat, Cobs. If it can melt roads, it can make submit keys press themselves! 😀
        I’m so pleased you’ve now had some of the better, cooler weather. It isn’t fun being that hot all the time, is it? Says I, with my one fan wafting away at me as I type.
        I love playing with words… and finding new ones to play with is simply fabulous! I’ve decided to look for a brand new word each week, and nonchalantly slip it into one of my posts in that week.
        Pleased you like my Sun… I have a few others which were altered, which I may also post at some time.
        Squidges right back at you, Cobs (although I couldn’t possibly have been a teacher. I weren’t too keen on school…)

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  3. Dear Tom,
    Well … I’m learning to navigate your new blog theme. It’s a good one. But, they’ve all been good.
    I enjoyed this post very much. It’s a clever concept. You’ve been up nights trying to peak our interests with new things, haven’t you?
    Love the sun. It’s bright, cheery and looks HOT. I can relate as it’s in the mid 90’s everyday with high humidity and afternoon thunder storms that feel like hurricane torrential downpours.
    I, too, THANK 3X’s my air conditioning. I couldn’t bear it if it wasn’t working.
    I’m happy to have popped over here to see all of this fun that’s been happening. Smiling as I leave and go for a swim …
    Isadora 😎

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    1. Thanks, Isadora. I hope you enjoyed your swim! 🙂
      I got the letters idea from a weekly post that Elaine does, but made it just a little different to her format. They are fun, and can cover absolutely any topic.
      As for the weather – well, all I can say is phew! And thank goodness it is cooler now.
      Hope you’ve had a good Sunday, Isadora!

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  4. For some reason I loved this post very much! The fan does need a big thank you when it’s really hot outside…I have to say the same to mine and the air condition as well…hehe. I’m glad that your week seems to be going smoothly but you’re right..weeks…weekends…all seem to be zipping by so fast!!!

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