Today’s posted post
Is a post at a cost
As today’s intended post
Was a post that I lost
So today’s posted post
Has its wires crossed
As I try to make the most
Of the memory I’d forgot

Today’s posted post
Resembles does it not
A feather-brained host
Who in his journal didn’t jot
The idea for the post
That came all bright and hot
From a dream that he can boast
Although remembers not a lot

The story of the post
The old one that I sought
Now looks like a ghost
And not as clear as I thought
The new post that I host
Is terrible and fraught
With discombobulated prose
And odd length lines that support

So today’s posted post
Is a post but not the post
That should have been the post
For today’s posted post
Most of the post
Isn’t even in this post
As the post that was the post
Is, like the plot, well and truly loast


  1. We all do it. I’ve ‘lost’ a little piece of artwork in the last week. A painting. I put it in a safe place and … [sigh] … it’s lost. Gone. Can’t find the ‘safe place’.

    So you’re not alone. Us nincompoops have a talent for misplacement, memory failure and …..
    erm what was I talking about? Gah! forgot.

    Great post. 😀
    ~ Cobs. x (at least … that’s who I think I am)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hehehe!
      That painting you have lost, Cobs… pretend to be urgently looking for something else – you’ll find it much quicker that way.
      Us nincompoops keep the world turning… usually by cranking our cogs at great speeds trying to figure out exactly what it is we are doing, and whatever it is we are doing, we are doing it. With pizzazz!
      And thank you.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. LOL, Tom..I do love your random posts and this randomly lost post is a perfect example of it! I hope that the lost post is off on an amazing adventure to return soon with an even more exciting tale to be for the inspiration that occurs but then you sort of lose it..yes, it can be quite sad.

    Liked by 1 person

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