I’ve been walking around the Lake again today. With all the changes going on Seasonal-wise, I was quite surprised to find myself back on a cool Summer’s Day. I made it my mission to search for the Spirits of the Trees or the Lakeside Guardians, and to photograph them through my trusty mobile phone. I do have a camera, but my mobile is so much easier!

The first place I looked was on and around the Plinth. Apart from a couple of ducks and gulls, I couldn’t see anything.

A closer look of the Plinth didn’t reveal any tree spirits, although I could see a face appear and disappear down the left side of the stone, below the gull that is fully in shot. Does the face appear to you?

Panning back a little revealed the first Tree Spirits – top centre is a cheerful smiling face and at around one o’clock there’s a deer peering through wearing a monocle, of all things:

No Spirits over by the Rocks, I thought… then I noticed the large rock smiling back at me:

Nothing on the Bank, until I spotted the Water Spirit taking the form of a pig (at around three o’clock):

The two ducks from the first photo were giving nothing away to help me:

I continued searching the Bank. The water hens also didn’t provide any clues, but I spotted another Rock Spirit disguised as ET (centre):

And a Plant Spirit taking on the appearance of an owl peering through the grasses (top right):

Suddenly, from everywhere a flock/armada of ducks arrived:

Seemingly hundreds of them swimming in:

I realised the weather was changing again. Looking up, the sky was still blue, but the clouds were closing in. No Spirits up there:

I looked over to the other side of the Lake, and saw the clearest Spirit to date. The figure of a lady sitting, looking at her hands, is clearly seen at the centre of this photo:

Here she is in a closer shot – she’s certainly contemplating something!:

And finally, peering from out of the trees, just above Salamander’s Bridge is the Black Panther (around eight o’clock, toward the centre):

And here’s a closer view (slightly enhanced) of the Panther:

Apologies for the photo overload today, but I couldn’t resist sharing the images from this walk. Maybe you can see other Spirits or Guardians in these photos that I haven’t spotted or mentioned… if so, please let me know in the comments.

Happy Weekend!!!


  1. I could not find the pig for the life of me, but I did notice something else in the picture. Look for the stick on the shore in the water and just above it is an air bubble in the water rippling out. Well, sort of a bubble, but if you look more closely, there is a head of a gray alien with large black eyes peering up from the depths. Great journey. Thanks….VK

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    1. Hehe! Yes, I can see the alien of which you speak, VK! Fun spot.
      The pig is just to the right of that… I think it looks like a pig – it may resemble something else to you!


  2. Beautiful walk today, I enjoyed walking it with you. Spirits and guardians are all around waiting to be seen and discovered if you have the sight to see them. I can feel them more than see them.
    This was a very enjoyable adventure with you.
    Your phone does take great photos.

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    1. Thank you, Hélène, I’m really pleased you enjoyed the walk. This is one of my favourite types of post (well, I like all of them, actually!) as it helps us to look a little deeper! It’s a very handy thing, my phone, at times! 😀


  3. I couldn’t see the pig or ET 😦 but my eyes and my mind are tired.
    I had to lol at the deer with a monocle…only you Tom..only you…ahahahahahaahha.
    And damn that female spirit …that was SO clear!!!! and that smiley rock…warmed my heart for some reason 🙂

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    1. That deer with the monocle was one of the more surreal ones, Shree, I’ll agree! I pointed out the pig in an earlier reply to VK – it’s in a shadow in the water, and a side view. ET was a little tricky, he was peering over a rock:

      But that female spirit was amazingly clear, wasn’t she?

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