Smiling and swimming by the Lady

I didn’t. Not until after the post was posted yesterday, that is.

I really do not know how I missed it – not taking in the full picture, I suppose: Look; it’s clearly there:

There will be more. I’m sure of it!

After a short break, I’m having another attempt at a run of Six Word Saturday posts. Click the link below if you’d like to participate and get more details:


    1. Thanks, Sue, but no, no, no… I meant after a short break away from the Six Word Saturday posts – no break for me just yet, I’m still on my 2,000 post challenge! Hehehe. 😀
      Enjoy your time, however… we really all should take a rest every now and then.

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  1. These latest photos are a wealth of images!!! I clearly see the dragon and the woman looking at her hands is mind blowing. Now go to the bottom of the pic and there is a head of something or someone demonic. Almost a gargoyle look. Two slanted eyes, pointed ears and almost a pig snout. I’ve seen much more in all of them. This post could go on for quite some time 🙂
    Happy Weekend….VK

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    1. Seek and ye shall find, VK! I set out in looking for them, and wasn’t disappointed. I also noticed the face – after you pointed it out! 😀
      But that woman – it’s clear that she wants to be seen! Happy Weekend to you too, VK.

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    1. Hello, JudyT and thanks! There’s a whole album full of similar images in my post from yesterday – this was just one I missed! I see those images in the clouds as well, but they do have the tendency to fade away…

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  2. ill check it out, then.

    And yeah, one neat thing about clouds is that sometimes they give you an entire event, fading from a sheep to a cherub and then to a cow, and on and on…

    Before we painted the kitchen there were places (it’s an OLD kitchen) on the walls and in the corners that became friends of mine: a chickadee trapped in a corner, a whale, trying to get home, faces in the knotty pine bureau…=)

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