Somewhere deep within the Phoenix Constellation are five planetary outposts, settled many millennia ago by ancient humans. Back then, they had technology far superior to what we have today. Technology long forgotten, but technology that almost destroyed the Earth.

This technology obliterated cities, countries even. Only those selected for the Phoenix Departure actually survived. Ancient knowledge, writings, manuscripts all gone.

The selected few knew that in order to survive, they had to reach out into the Universe. So, on the day that literally was the End of the World, they blasted off knowing that they would never return.

They came across five planetoids that were all approximately a light year apart, and one by one the convoy of ships gradually diminished as each planetoid was settled in turn.

The third planetoid was named Nebula Three. It had water. An atmosphere: not entirely oxygen, but breathable all the same. The settlers had to get used to the odour, the burning sensation and stinging eyes.

The planetoid was covered in a slimy algae, green in most parts, but purple in others. Strong winds brought changes to the weather conditions and temperatures at a rapid pace. And plasma eruptions and a fiery plasma rain made conditions even more treacherous.

They converted the hull of the ship into three buildings where they would spend most of the time. The structures kept the harsh elements outside and they lived their lives for countless generations inside.

But for the residents of Nebula Three nothing ever changed. They carried out their centuries old traditions day in day out, using the technology they were used to. The same technology that had destroyed their home world all those years ago. And the technology that was starting to have an impact on their ‘new’ world.

The residents didn’t know any better. It never occurred to them that change would be good, so they just existed. Until, they realised that they had to move on again.

Their history was repeated on the other planetoids. One and Four were the first to be abandoned, unbeknownst to the other three. Five soon followed suit. Two and Three left their worlds on the same day, but headed out into the stars in different directions, oblivious to each other, but all unsure of where they were going to end up.

One simple change back in the day could have prevented the first exodus. Several simple changes over the years could have prevented the second.

These people weren’t reluctant to change; they just didn’t see the benefits of change until it was too late.


The point: if a change is needed, make it happen. One tiny change today opens the future up to an infinite number of possibilities… it’s better than just moving on.


The inspiration: I quickly created the image and then allowed myself to type away. This post is kind of like a long One Minute Ramble… I’m hoping it makes some kind of sense…

13 thoughts

  1. It does make sense, indeed. In microcosms, as well. How many people don’t simply flee a physical or emotional environment rather than analyse why it has gone wrong and how to fix it?

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  2. So…basically they were living on a smelly red onion! Well, those red onions are supposed to be better quality than the box standard white variety 😉 Still eye-watering though if you ask me!…time for a CHANGE of food stuffs/planets perhaps 😀 Ignorance, denial and fear of change….lethal combination and one cleverly and slickly explored in this latest tale of other worldly philosophy! 🙂

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    1. I love a good red onion, Icewolf. Although they hurt my eyes, it must be said.
      Ignorance, denial and fear of change… yes… you’d have thought they’d have learned something, wouldn’t you?


  3. The image and your story are insightful and of deep thought. The message is clear. We must change with each new day. Change creates new open doors. When we resist or don’t see the doors opening to new opportunities we become stagnant. Our beings cease to be more than they are.
    The messgae reminds me of a the story titled ‘Who Moved My Cheese?’
    Good one …
    Isadora 😎

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  4. It does indeed! And I think your ability to see faces in photos must be rubbing off on me: In the foreground I see a guy wearing a yellow rain slicker with his arm around a girl with pink hair. And to the right of the buildings, there’s a face peeking in from the edge. 🙂

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  5. The point: if a change is needed, make it happen. One tiny change today opens the future up to an infinite number of possibilities… it’s better than just moving on.

    Well said Tom, very well said.

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