Tom! I’ve tagged you for the Tell 5 Secrets Blog Hop!


Recently, Sherri challenged me. I say recently, but I’ve altered my blogging style, and I’m now writing a few weeks in the past, so although it is very recent for me, it isn’t as recent for Sherri herself. But, I did accept the challenge, and as my recent posts have been time related, it’s quite fitting that I reveal my first secret thusly. I understand that the secrets Sherri has challenged me to write about aren’t meant to be facts like I now schedule my posts, so I’ll just throw that one in for good measure. An extra secret, if you like, before I even begin.

This knowledge may come in useful when I’m writing about a major news story that broke weeks ago, like them finding that ocean on Ganymede…


A week’s worth of secrets await to be revealed. I’ve decided to post a secret a day. Five secrets in five days.

I’m stalling because I can’t think of one secret. This may be a short week.

No… I’ve got one.


I know that I post hundreds of Selfies of me every now and again. I can’t seem to get the camera angle correct, so end up with the majority of me being chopped off. I don’t mind that, being honest, although sometimes it would be nice to introduce myself to the world properly.

Maybe one day, when I’m not as shy and retiring.

On my about page, I’ve already done that – introduced myself, that is – with a photo of me from decades ago, so what I’m about to do will be the ultimate reveal. A secret to beat all secrets. I shall reveal more of me from that time.

Back then, I was on a cruise ship holiday. I visited Egypt, Cyprus and Israel. I knew my way around Cyprus.  I was amazed at how close the Pyramids were to Cairo:

In the above photo, you can see the reflection of the ear of the person who was sitting in the seat in front of me on the coach as we travelled from the port to the Pyramids.

And above, I present me. Probably the biggest secret on this blog ever. I’m such a private person. Hello World! I’m real! From way back when: me in Egypt (this is the photo I have on my ‘about me’ page, so you don’t need to go there and check now, if you thought of doing that!); me floating on the Dead Sea, looking muscular as usual; me standing in front of a ship’s wheel dressed to the nines; and me standing in front of a Pyramid, being blinded by the morning Sun.

As you can clearly see, I got redder and redder as the holiday went on. By the time I came home, I certainly gave the scarlet ibis a run for its money:

And that has given me the idea for secret number two. But not today…

24 thoughts

  1. Nice to finally see you dude!!! 🙂

    I don’t know why you are so worried about people seeing you – you’re not bad looking!!! 🙂

    God Bless my friend!!! 🙂



  2. Secrets…Well TL, in the very near future the people of the world will undergo major change and mental telepathy will be our way of communicating and secrets will become a thing of the past. So reveal all now, and stop worrying. We are all perfect just the way we are! Blessings…VK 🙂


    1. Those photographs are very misleading, Andra. And, I’d had my hair done the week before the holiday as well.
      You can just about see it turning wild again in the last photo…


  3. Great to meet you at last Tom! And you’ve revealed another secret to me…now I know where you went on your cruise holiday…and what an amazing holiday it looked too! I’ve always wanted to go to Egypt and see the pyramids. One of these days. Looking forward to your other secrets 🙂


  4. Wow! What a handsome fella you are! 😊 Mind you lol you turned a bit bird like in the last pic! But that’s okay. …no if you’d just like to send me your phone no so we can arrange a hot date!! lol lol 😉 😀


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