in aura of it all

SherriThis week I’m revealing a lot more about myself. Sherri has challenged me to reveal five secrets, and yesterday I revealed possibly the biggest secret ever. Me. Well, I have been revealed before in part, but yesterday I went all out and posted several photos of me from yesteryear.

Today, I reveal three more secret photos of me. Well, a side of me that not a lot of people tend to see.

My aura.

I can’t exactly remember when, unfortunately, but for three consecutive years I visited a Mind, Body and Spirit exhibition, and had my aura photographed on each occasion.

The people that took the photographs had a wonderful stand set up, and they even had photos dotted around the stand of other people’s auras.

Each aura is completely different to another, with some being tiny specks of colour above the person’s head.

Before I had the first photograph taken, I didn’t know what to expect. I had no idea as to how my aura would look, but I was hoping that I didn’t have a ‘boring’ one, if any such thing could exist!

I needn’t have worried. I was slightly impressed by my aura when I saw it, to say the least. I think the photographer was equally impressed, although they didn’t show it completely!

The next thing to happen was to have my aura read.

And with my aura being red (mostly) it was quite easy for an interpretation from the reader.

According to my aura, I’m pioneering and outgoing; confident; ambitious; and seek out  new physical directions (which is indicated by the red). I’m creative and artistic, self confident and aware and open to new ideas / plans / projects (orange). I’m intelligent and logical, with a bright and active mind and I’m also open to new mental challenges (yellow). The green indicates a caring and balanced side of me, and shows that I’m reliable and responsible.

Well, that was me back then, anyway. I wasn’t as outgoing, confident or ambitious as my aura tends to let on, although I suppose I could have been depending on the situation. I’m not sure what I was doing to cause the green to show through, but our auras can change at any given moment, depending on our moods, what we’re experiencing at the time and other day to day stuff.

We’re never the same person all of the time as we change, and our auras also reflect this too. Which, considering I went on three different occasions – and on one of them I also had a full body aura photograph which was also mostly red – it’s quite remarkable how similar the photos are.

The third photo above looks as though I’m wearing a hooded cloak, which I wasn’t on the day!

I will have to make time to get another aura photograph taken – I’m interested to see how it is now, after all this time…

18 Comments on “in aura of it all

  1. Hi Tom! Thanks so much for taking part in the ‘Secrets’ challenge! I’m fascinated by this post, I had no idea that anyone could photograph an aura. I have had a couple of people in my life tell me, completely out of the blue, and complete strangers too I might add, that I have a ‘good’ aura floating around me…but I never quite knew what that meant, as in, I wondered what it was they actually saw! When I looked at the last photo of you, at first, I thought it was a funky hairstyle! It would be fascinating for you to have some more aura photos taken…but I’m sure they would still show your same, wonderful traits as before 🙂


  2. Interesting Tom! 🙂

    I have been told I have a green aura, especially after a good bean curry!!! 🙂

    God Bless my friend! 🙂



    • Haha.
      The food we eat and how tired we are can have an effect on our auras, Prenin, but it is the brightness that is affected. Depending on the temperature of the curry, one may start looking radioactive! 😉


    • That’s right, Elaine – I wasn’t expecting mine to look like it did either. Everyone’s aura is different though, so some are small and others manage to fill the whole photo frame.


  3. How fascinating about your aura!! I’ve seen aura photos done before at some fete thing I was at yeeeears ago, though I just walked straight on by. Now I’m regretting my decision somewhat. How interesting it would be to see, to know! If ever the opportunity arises again…


    • Go for it, Jennifer, next time you get chance!
      With your music and writing I’d hazard a guess that you will have some orange somewhere within your aura.


  4. What fun! I just did a bunch of research into aura colours for my last novel, so it’s nice to see that your aura readers agreed with my research (or vice versa). 🙂


  5. Yes our Auras change all the time… Lovely to see yours Tom.. 🙂 I too have several photo’s of my Aura.. One is on my about me page on my slide show I think… 🙂 LOL.. its such a long while since I posted that. 🙂 Mine is Yellow Green and Pink.. 🙂 I still have the tape reading of the sitting.. 🙂

    Lovely Share Tom Thank you


    • Thanks, Sue. Next time I have mine photographed, I hope then it will be a different colour – although I am quite fond of my red aura!
      I saw the photo of your aura as well – they are fascinating, aren’t they?


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