I managed to grab quite a few photos from the Lab in the Cellar before the Mansion decided to change things into a Total Eclipse around these here parts.

And, yes, I’m aware that there never used to be any windows in the Cellar until Friday… it’s the Mansion you see. It likes to help at times.

I actually quite like these photos… I didn’t think they’d turn out as clear as they have, for one, and due to the cloud cover I wasn’t expecting to see anything anyhow. How wrong was I?

I was careful, looking at the Sun and what not, but the cloud cover and tinted glass window gave me just the correct filter needed to get these photos.

So, I present my photos of the Eclipsing Sun, looking rather Moon-like:






And here’s my favourite photo of the first Astronomical Event I’ve seen this year that I’ve actually seen with my very own eyes with me being there. (As you can probably guess, I don’t very often get to witness events such as these, so I’m feeling rather pleased that I’ve managed to capture the moment so very well… even if the sky appears to have turned slightly Armageddony!)


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        1. We have a Lunar one due any day now, apparently. Well, one’s due, whether it be here or not is a different matter entirely, Sherri!
          But failing that – there’s always the next one, as you say!

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