The Halloween Selfies

It had to be done.

Vampires should always have cool hair.

Werewolves have a slightly untamed look… and almost but not quite wild eyes.

Ghosts need to be semi-transparent.

Witches and warlocks need to look as perfectly normal as they possibly can.

Mummies need to give off an almost human feel.

Zombies must look as though they aren’t falling apart.

Normal folk need to keep a steady hand when taking a Selfie around Halloween.

And most important of all, they must not give in to the fear.


It’s a pity I’m not an actor, you know. It’s a Piscean trait, and I’m Piscean, but I’m not an actor. Looking at the above pictures, you’d be hard-pressed to believe they are all me. I know. The lighting helps a little also…

13 Comments on “The Halloween Selfies

  1. You have definitely been bitten by the selfie bug TL….You are surely having a wonderful time. The last shot looks like you were returning from the Grinds late at night having encountered everybody lying in wait for you….Best be on your toes….VK 🙂


    • Need to be, VK. At this time of the year!
      The funny thing is, I don’t remember taking that last shot. It’s very strange…


    • Some kind, Sherri? THE kind, I don’t mind admitting.
      I’ve paused time to reply to these comments, but I must restart it soon… I can see things piling up already!

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