The Return

Ethel stood in the aisle of the supermarket before the selection of porridge.

“What am I doin’ ‘ere?” she muttered to herself, before realising she was soaked to the skin and didn’t have a penny on her. She looked over to the tills where she noticed her long-time friend staring back at her.

“Have you fallen in the river again, Et?”

“Don’t you start that again, Eunice McGee – you know full well that you shoved me in last time. And, for your information, this time I haven’t.” Ethel walked over to the till where Eunice worked. It was quiet as the shop had only just opened.

“So, Ethel, what brings you to the shop this fine, bright, warm sunny morning all wet and bedraggled? It’s too early for them kids with the water pistols – but by the looks of things you’ve had several buckets thrown all over you.”

“That’s the odd thing, Yoo, I don’t know what I’m doin’ here. I mean I feel like I shouldn’t be here…”

Eunice was about to speak, concern etched across her face, but neither woman could continue due to the clatter from the door. They both looked over and saw two, rather tall, women struggling over the door. Quite literally. The first one had pushed the door off its hinges and had fallen over it, into the shop. The other one was doing a bad job in helping her up.

They too were soaking wet.

Eunice looked back at Ethel. “Have we had a sudden downpour when I wasn’t looking?”

Ethel didn’t answer her question; instead, she mumbled “I’m goin’ doolally Yoo. I know them, but don’t. I mean I feel like I do, but ‘aven’t the foggiest where from.”

The first woman, now standing, noticed Ethel.

“Ah, there you are! Aph, we’ve found her!” Athena grabbed Aphrodite by the arm and pulled her urgently over to the till. “Ethel, you shouldn’t run off like that – we’re too early!”

“It must be just gone seven…” Ethel nonchalantly advised, noticing how quiet the shop was, which was usually bustling after 8am.

“No,” Athena interrupted, “we shouldn’t be here today – we’ve overshot and got back a day early.”

“I don’t think yer the only doolally one, Et.” Eunice commented with a smirk.

Ignoring Eunice apart from leaving the kind of glare that only a Goddess can give, Athena looked toward Ethel. Eunice pretended she was cleaning her till. “Come outside, Ethel. We’ll fill you in. Hez is with Gerald and Jean back at the carriage, none of us could believe that you’d just got up and wandered off as you did.”

“I erm… can’t…” Ethel blinked. “Gerald.” She started to remember, but only snippets.

“See you later, Yoo. I’ll call round later and let you know what’s gone on.”

All three then left the shop, without even mentioning the broken door they walked over.

Eunice walked over, and lifted the door off the floor, propping it against the wall as she watched her friend walking away with two other women who were almost double her height.

“Never a dull day in this shop!” she said and walked back to her till.

This is the next instalment of my almost forgotten Legendary Circles storyline! The previous part can be found by clicking here, and the whole story so far can be reached by following the links in my Storylines Menu. Obviously, the tale is in turmoil, completely out of time and order, but eventually, hopefully, and sometime soon, things will start to level out. Well, one can hope…

12 responses to “The Return”

  1. Let's CUT the Crap! avatar

    I know you’ll put the stories to rights when they need be. Hmm. I wonder where the water’s coming from?


    1. Tom Merriman avatar

      The last time we saw these characters, Tess, was last June, and they were in the middle of a storm in the middle of a field. Whether they are wet ‘now’ because of that or another reason remains to be seen, as this story isn’t exactly following an order which is remotely chronological!


      1. Let's CUT the Crap! avatar

        Stories never do. 🙂


  2. Amy Reese avatar

    Tom, what a fantastical, imaginative story. You have me wondering if Ethel will remember more, and if they’ll come back. I really enjoyed it. It’s very mysterious (I see I’ve missed some parts).


    1. Tom Merriman avatar

      I’m pleased you liked it, Amy. There have been quite a few parts ‘before’ this one (links to all parts are available on my Storylines page, the link’s up there under the header – if you have the time / want to / would like to check them out… 😉 ) This tale’s a bit out of sync, but it’s just something I keep adding to. Whether Ethel will remember more remains to be seen, but I can tell you that they will be back in some way quite soon(…ish!)


  3. prenin avatar

    Good episode Tom – now you’ve got me wondering what comes next!!! 🙂

    God Bless!



    1. Tom Merriman avatar

      I’m wondering the very same thing, Prenin! Hehehe.


  4. penpusherpen avatar

    Utter Madness, which of course is totally sane if you know what I mean, Sir Aquatom, Love the doolallyness… oH yES iNDEEDY. makes me feel quite at home 😀 xPenx


    1. Tom Merriman avatar

      Doolally works with me, Lady P… as does Utter Madness as well.
      The sane stuff can stay out in the real world, I say.


      1. penpusherpen avatar

        Is it Norbert Sir A, or has your avatar changed to a bluish shade? Mind you, could be me, my eyes have gone all blurry sitting in half light playing ‘fingers’ with Norbert. (He’s winning!!!)


        1. Tom Merriman avatar

          No, it isn’t you or Norbert, Lady P… it is me! Change the site, change the avatar. (Although ’tis only the colour, that said!)


          1. penpusherpen avatar

            Looking good Sir A. Norbert swore blind it weren’t him. 🙂


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