Apollo looked on at those gathered in the field. Scantily clad Gods and Goddesses unfazed by the rain that was lashing down around them; the humans, fully clothed and huddled together, shuddering and shivering, trying their very best to keep themselves warm and the baby dry.

“We’ve really messed up this time” Apollo said to his father, Zeus, who’d just approached him.

“This is what we do, my child” Zeus responded, “Since the dawning of time we have found ourselves in situations such as this, some as trivial, others with far-reaching consequences.”

“But we’ve ripped some people from their correct place in the Universe, altered the flow of time, and created something of a paradox. The mortals cannot handle such upheaval.”

“Don’t write us off, young man.” Ethel said, as she walked up. She had been listening to their whispered words, and spoke without realising that the Gods, even Apollo, would have been hundreds of years older than her.

“Yes, we’re morsels. But we’re good ‘uns. We’re good at handlin’ things when we really need to. We just do. We don’t handle the weather very well, though. I don’t know how you can all stand it, with your frocks clingin’ to your very shiny muscular frames as they do.” Her mind and her eyes wandered slightly.

“We have no right being here. You have no right being in our presence” Apollo brought Ethel’s attention back to his face.

“Nonsense, my son” Zeus brought Ethel’s attention over to him now. “Everything happens for a reason. This meeting between Gods and mortals may have been a side-effect of a rash decision made by three of our number, but that decision led us to this point. This point will lead us on to another point further down the line. Everything is fine”

“Fine?” Ethel asked. “I’m knee-deep in mud, water’s trickling into places I’ve never felt water trickle before, I’m freezin’ cold, in the middle of a field, in the middle of a storm, in the middle of the night, talkin’ about life and handlin’ things with a group of half-dressed tall people who talk funny, not entirely sure what’s goin’ on, and I’m startin’ to get a headache. Yep. Everything’s just fine.

“I’m saying that we morsels are good at handlin’ things. I’m also saying that we don’t have to like them – the things we have to handle, that is. But we do. And we do well.

“Yes we fight. Yes we argue, and have wars and stuff, but through it we keep on. We keep on keeping on. We’re good at that!”

“We are the same,” Zeus continued, “and my son is wrong. You are worthy being in our presence.”

“Me?” Ethel started to like Zeus. “But I think it’s time we were getting home. All this rain’s no good for the baby, you see. Gerald will be very cranky later – he’s starting to go now. It’s a good job that he’s too young to remember this tonight; I can jus’ imagine ‘im in a few years time dreamin’ about this, and not understanding. I’m startin’ to hope that I’m too old to remember it as well. But, obviously I’m not.” She smirked and chuckled to herself as Zeus and Apollo looked on stony-faced.

This is the next instalment of my Legendary Circles storyline. I’m still trying to get back into the swing of this ol’ blogging thing, so thought I’d add another part to my ongoing tale… well, this ongoing tale anyway! The previous part can be found by clicking here, and the whole story so far can be reached by following the links in my Storylines Menu.

16 thoughts

  1. Good continuance Sir Aquatom, I really like the character of Ethel, gutsy and says what she means. (even to Gods 😉 ) Welcome back, ’twas so good to see your update on the WordPress Reader!! Smiling hugely I am!! xPenx


    1. Thank you, Lady P, ’tis good to be back too, although maybe not quite as often as before, at least for a while. We’ll see!
      I agree, I like writing about Ethel, originally, she was going to be a background character from the past, but I wanted to include her more in with the story!
      And Pen… keep smiling! 😀


  2. Right on TL !! Excellent….Glad to have you back and I hope your heart has lightened just a wee bit. Be well friend and take care….Sending good energies your way…Blessings….VK


  3. Good strong character, this Ethel 🙂 Always good for a female mortal to stand up to potentially pompous male gods! I do enjoy your imagination and way of writing…great to see you here again…maybe now I’ll start getting updates for you again 🙂


  4. Oo…the series is back! Great 🙂 Enjoyed this part…I wonder what’s going to happen..and after reading a book about these Greek gods..it’s good to have someone “put them in their place” so to speak! Seriously….it like they are ALL drama queens!!! lol.


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