My Inner Scientist has, it must be said, some totally bonkers ideas at times. Sometimes, the ideas are good and need a little work, and other times they take a lot of work only to turn out not to be so good.

The latest example may fall into the latter category.

A Cat Cam.

That’s right, a tiny camera that is fitted to a cat’s forehead, which is set to take a photograph of anything that the cat finds remotely interesting.

The thing is, cats are free spirits. They aren’t interested in things that we’d expect them to be interested in, and are rather drawn somewhat to something else.

Shadowcat was my willing volunteer for this experiment, although I had to trick him into wearing the tiny camera… and even then he didn’t wear it for long. And he doesn’t like being tricked, as he pointed out with his extremely sharp claws.

However, he did take some rather good photos… but he poses for the camera far better than he takes meaningful shots.

In the above three photos of the intrepid photographer himself, the first one shows his reaction as I showed him the device I was going to place on his head, like a cap. The second shows how pleased he was to have been chosen for such a unique opportunity for a member of feline society to undertake. And the third one shows him with the intricate receiving device in the background, cleverly disguised as a tipped-over old dustbin. The antenna is clearly visible on the side.

Was Shadow hunting for mice as he was taking these photos?  We’ll never know.

The thing is, the grass was so long, he ran head-first into a wall and destroyed the Cat Cam on its first outing. Ah well, back to the drawing board.

I’m already drawing up plans for a bird cam. I wonder how that’ll work out…

Oh, and no animals were injured in the making of this post.

18 thoughts

  1. oh dear Sir Aquatom, what a ‘catsafterme’ and one is so glad no animals were injured in the process. (although you took a scratch or two methinks 😉 ) Mind you, before the cat cam was erm. done for, Shadowcat took some good photo’s of grass and ferns. Lovely!! Now, what about this willing volunteer angle? Are you sure he was, ‘cos the second photo looks positively argumentative. Just asking!! I shall await the outcome of the Bird cam idea. Still smiling here xPenx


  2. Shadow is so cute!!! But how did the actual photos get taken? I mean, you didn’t train him to click the little button, did you??? My cats would have taken much less interesting photos because they’re strictly indoor cats. So their photos would have consisted of the underside of the coffee table, the top of the couch, and under the covers. Not so interesting really.


  3. Better be careful TL….You never know what kind of spying devices Shadow may have for you! He may actually be working alongside the NSA gathering info….Watch your step my friend. You may well be in some pix as well 🙂 Good post! VK


  4. Shadow is Gor-GE-ous. My daughter had a cat that looked just like him. As for his photography skills…the less said the better–I don’t want any hurt feelings–and the less said, the better. I can tell Shadow was working under duress. The poor thing…haha.


  5. They did a documentary on the lives of cats using a camera and GPS device to track their movements.

    I didn’t watch it, but there was a lot about it on the BBC news website! 🙂

    Hope the scratches aren’t too bad!!! 🙂

    God Bless!



    1. I didn’t know about the documentary, Prenin, and only saw it yesterday. Another coincidence on my part! It’s amazing how many cats patrol the same areas but at different times… it’s as though they work shifts!


    1. I didn’t know it at the time of writing this post, Shree, but the BBC have recently made a documentary featuring cats wearing cat cams… so they are real devices!
      He’s just saying hello there, by the way!


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