Just thought that I’d share a handful of the hundreds of photos I’ve taken of some of the flowers from Dad’s funeral last week. For some reason I particularly like the ones which appear to have sunlight raining down on them.

The photos also indicate that my creativity is returning, slowly but surely, as I spent hours the other day – very good, enjoyable hours I must add – arranging them for each photograph. At least this way, the flowers will last a lot longer and be a more permanent floral tribute to Dad.

I shall be returning to the Blogosphere very soon, so brace yourselves for when my nonsense / drivel and other posts of a random nature resume once again. However, in the meantime, please remember to Feel Good!

See you soon!

30 thoughts

  1. Good to hear from again TL…Glad things are getting creative again and you have seen your father off in a wonderful way. Those pictures will always mean a great deal to you. I am glad you are still in one piece and maintaining some sanity. It takes a while for a broken heart to heal so take your time. We will love having you back but only when you are really ready. Gentle peace to you my friend…VK xx


    1. Thanks once more, VK.
      I think finding rather than maintaining some sanity would be closer to the truth… but then again… let’s see where my posts take me / us when I return…


  2. Mhmm..beautiful photos and you were right, the ones with the rays of the sun shinning down to make for lovely even celestial sort of a feeling 🙂 Glad to hear that the creativity is returning and looking forwards to the “drivel” 😉


  3. Flowers, so beautiful, and saved forever… As you say Sir Aquatom, as a permanent tribute. Good to hear you’re returning into the fold, you have been missed I assure you. See you soon. xPenx


  4. Beautiful photo shots, Tom, and the flowers are gorgeous! You’ve managed to preserve them for your space to look back upon any time you desire.
    It was particularly very nice to see you today. Hope to see you more often soon!
    Feel good, from feeling good.


  5. Tom, these are beautiful photos of your Father’s flowers.. a wonderful tribute and a good way of working your way through your grief.. Take your time in healing… we know the Old Tom will be back with a vengeance! Love and Blessings to you xxx Sue


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