I like to think I’m quite good at a lot of things. I actually like to think that I’m extremely good at a lot of things. But, in reality, and if I’m being one hundred per cent honest, I know that I’m not.

Sometimes I’m better than others, sometimes worse. Sometimes I’m so terrible I wonder why I even bothered to start in the first place. And sometimes I wonder if it was me that had actually done what I’d done (for better or for worse, it works either way).

But what, I hear you ask in frustration, are these ‘things’ I’m rabbiting on about? Well, I shall tell you, in a roundabout* way.

Anything I do.

Everything I do.

Writing. Reading. Creating unique pieces of computer art. Communicating. Listening. Remembering. Sleeping. Dreaming. Sneezing.

Everything I do, I’ll do it differently the next time.

I write a good piece… I then write a terrible one (complete with speling errors!).
I read the first so many fabulous chapters of an un-put-downable book, and then forget that I’d even started it.
I flourish and embellish and exaggerate and colour-in some work of art which wouldn’t look out of place in trendy art galleries anywhere around the world, and when I next look at it, it’s as though, well, a strange computer virus has attacked my art software and distorted whatever I have done.
I’ve never been a great communicator, verbally, but sometimes I’m magnificent. I really, truly, deeply am.
I have one good ear and one not so good one (just the two!), so I miss a lot of what I’m being told… and sometimes make up my own words to try to catch up, thus getting other things wrong. Sometimes hilariously so (especially when I’m singing along to a song. Enya’s Orinoco Flow will always contain the line Save the Whale, Save the Whale, Save the Whale, as that is how I first heard it many centuries ago).
I remember that line as it was oh so wrong, but can I remember any others? Nope! The tune, yes… well, most of it. I even forget people who I sit next to at work occasionally. Sigh.
Sometimes, I sleep soundly. Other times, I wake about fifty times during the night. Sometimes, I sleep too heavily and feel dreadful, and other times I love waking and sleeping on and off all night long.
I love my dreams. I remember some, but not all. Sometimes I dream regularly, sometimes I don’t. Currently, I’m somewhat in the middle…
And sneezing… sometimes, I break the sound barrier as I sneeze that loudly… other times, I stifle a little achoo in a corner somewhere.

Completely inconsistent. But always me.

It’s the core that matters anyway, not the inconsistencies. Well, that’s how I feel about it. Most of the time.


This post has been written in response to Sideview’s Weekend Theme, which this week is Inconsistency… *I didn’t participate in last week’s theme, Swings and Roundabouts, so I added a little sideways mention at the beginning there. If you’d like to participate in Sideview’s weekly challenge pop along to her site, and have a look at some other posts written by other bloggers who may not be as inconsistent as me. I.


Incidentally, the words Inconsistent and Inconsistency were first used in a decade very close to my heart. Yes, that’s right. Between 1640 and 1650 the word came into existence.

Is it just by chance that I’m as inconsistent as I am, looking at that rather random coincidence of timing? Synchronicities are never far away… and I have found another link to my 1642 Quest… although its meaning is as allusive as with all of the other links I have found. Answers will be along soon, I’m sure of it. I just have to ask the right questions first of all!

I still feel good though, even with all the questions, answers and inconsistencies. And that, as a good core, is all that matters…


  1. Of your list, there is one thing I know I do quite well every time. Sneezing. I’m sure I’ve never expelled a sneeze that wasn’t vigorous and full of gusto. (And with multiple chronic allergies, I’ve expelled a lot of sneezes.) 🙂


  2. You and I are a lot alike – I have the best of Enya CD and paid homage to Enya in ‘Jabberweil Hunt’ with a reference to a chronic bout of diarrhoea I called ‘Orinoco Flow’!!! 🙂

    I also sneeze like a cannon and have been known to wake my neighbour with it from time to time! 🙂

    God Bless my friend and be well!



  3. Nothing wrong with rabbiting, Sir Aquatom, and being consistent in your inconsistency.. ‘cos I think a lot of people are, and it’s informative, it lets you know you’re not the only one who does it. AND Loving the word synchronicities, (almost rolls around the tongue … like a sugared almond..OOoO haven’t had one of those for ages.. you got any? ) .. anywho.. (diet…remember your diet!!) …righto, (nothing wrong with it, my right toe… see?. I always mistake words and meanings, .. 😉 ) ) … I shall forever onwards (just like SidevieW) think of Save the Whale , save the whale, save the whale, for Orinoco Flo (Flo’s a lovely woman ) … and sneezing? The past few weeks I’ve had an attack… just the two sneezes at the most inappropriate times, embarrassing? I’d say so… bye for now, and have a great weekend, I have a pedal bin to empty and it’s worrying me… 🙂 xPenx.


    1. Synchronicities! I love everything about them, Lady P! (Diet? What diet?)
      Save the whale will stick… it’s like that! (Oh, that diet!)
      I don’t think you need to worry about your pedal bin… you keep it well fed, and it seems tame enough…


  4. No inconsistencies TL….Just being who you are, no excuses necessary at all. Just be who you are and love who you are. Well written btw…Have a great weekend and go with that flow! VK


  5. Bwohaha @ Save the whale save the whale save the world – I love it and now it’s stuck in my head! It’s definitely the inconsistencies that make/keep things interesting 🙂


    1. Thanks, Marco, and hello!
      Yes, they do… inconsistencies that is!
      The save the whale tale goes one step further… when I told a former work colleague what I thought the line was, she said “no… no… that’s wrong. It’s sail the waves.” Seems she was as inconsistent as I was…
      Thanks for commenting! 😀


      1. Heehee! I guess that Enya line is really very open to suggestions – hmmm, wonder what other phrases would fit snugly into the song…
        You’re welcome 🙂


        1. I’m sure there are others, Marco, although having sung along with three different versions of a short sentence I’m actually hoping not… I still sometimes sing the wrong line now if I hear it! 😉


  6. No change there then! lol….. I don’t believe Tom I have ever read a bad post of yours.. … there is one thing you are consistent in, and thats you can yak the hind leg off a donkey! LOL.. Never Change Being YOU Tom.. We love you with all your inconsistencies and talking of dates.. Have you ever come any closer to discovering your interest in your particular date!… ??


    1. You’re too kind, Sue… I’ve written many a bad post… usually the ones where I yakked and waffled like no-one’s business! 😉 But yes, I’ll try not to change… I can only be me (most of the time anyway!)
      I’m still finding random facts about 1642 Sue, but no definitive answer. I’m actually enjoying the chase… waiting to see what else will come along! I’m sure I’ll find out at the right time for me!


  7. Haha I do love this post and the way you have described your inconsistencies 😀 I think we all have them..but you are right, you are totally awesome just the way you are, inconsistencies and all!


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