Sommat Good?

An’ when the words just fail to form
The time to write’s not right
But is it right to write any words
Or only them what’s right?

My words tonight are out of sight
My form is not on form
But are my words tonight wrote right
And this is jus’ the norm?

Right words, wrong words, written any way
Mixed words, fixed words, all with nowt to say

Again the words they come and go, they tease me as they play
But I hope that they’ll be back quite soon, so I’ll have sommat good to say…

30 Comments on “Sommat Good?

    • Thanks, Diane. I’m not keen when I want to write and my mind has other ideas. I forced this last night, even though I had a little fun adding some Northern English words in there!


  1. One thing for sure, your words made me smile!

    BTW – thanks for dropping by when you can during my hiatus. I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, so hopefully it is not a train. 😉


  2. A new vocabulary!!! I love it…Words do come and go T, it happens to all of us. You have managed beautifully to capture going with the flow…Keep the sommat’s flowing my friend…VK


    • It’s Northern English, VK. The way we speak oop north, as we say on occasions. Not that I do.
      I may try my hand at a ‘proper’ northern post one of these days… although I’m not very good at writing in accents. Maybe I’ll be better with a local one…


  3. A lovely colloquial poem, Tom. As an American, I found it quite quaint. You use words we never use. I liked that. Makes me stop and think. 🙂


  4. When writer’s block strikes, it’s usually a good time to ‘go for broke’ and just set out to write something dreadful. That way, you can’t fail yourself.

    This is what I try to dowhen I’m struggling with my illustration. More often than not, these works that were never meant to be an good in the first place, turn out to be breakthroughs (of one sort or another).

    Is it possible that’s what happened here?


    • I think it may be, Gabriel. I very often write away when I have nothing to write about, in the hope of something good coming from it. Sometimes it doesn’t work, and sometimes I’m quite pleased with the results, if I do say so myself. With this one, I felt like altering some of the words a little, which makes it a little different! And that gave me the title for the post (I’m not very good with titles!!!)


  5. Oh are those new words or old words (as in Old English…or something like that)
    See!! You really have made it an art / skill of writing about “nothing” at all!! 😀


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