Miriam looked back from the bedroom window overlooking the park.

“Somethin’s goin’ on back there,” she said, to Gerald, who was actually watching the events himself. “I’d best phone your mother!”

She left the room, and Gerald could hear the whirring sound of her old-fashioned telephone.

He brought his attention back onto the park.

The strange aircraft was still being illuminated from the helicopter up above, and he could see four people standing, three tall figures and a shorter one. The craft, he noticed, was strange. There appeared to be horses attached to it. He dismissed the idea as a trick of the light. It was raining heavily still… and it was getting late!

“Bother!” he heard Miriam from downstairs, “All lines are engaged, the woman keeps on saying. Must be due to this storm!” She returned to the bedroom. “Your cuppa’s getting cold, Gerald.”

Gerald noticed the three tall figures appear to face him at the very moment Miriam said his name. A huge cheer erupted from the front of the house, and Miriam dashed back out of the bedroom and to the front door. She opened it to see what was going on out there.

“Ooh, lovely!” Gerald heard her say. “They’ve got Mr Hecklethorpe out at last. He’s walking into the ambulance. Coo-Eee! Ah, he’s seen me.”

Gerald was thinking something very similar, but for some strange reason he didn’t feel as good as Miriam.

“They’ve seen me.”

This is the latest part in my continuing Legendary Circles storyline. The previous part can be found by clicking here. Or, you can read the whole tale from the very beginning by following the links in the Storylines menu option.

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