The Witching Hour approaches, and a new month is drawing near;
Halloween’s almost at an end for another year…
Ghouls go home, and witches magic themselves away,
Vampires finish their nightly rounds before the brand new day.
Werewolves howl for one last time, even though the Moon’s not full –
On Halloween, they all appear – well, without them it’s so dull!

All good things come to an end, and this is oh so true,
But with an end things begin again, and so a spell for you…
From November First onwards, may good luck come your way
And may happiness appear to you in many different ways.
If you don’t believe in magic, my sentiment’s still the same,
For one and all to feel good and well is my ultimate aim…!

Farewell, October, you’ve been a great month…
So long Halloween, see you next year!

White Rabbits for November!


  1. HI Tom, thankyou so much for the Halloween visit 🙂 and wow.. this huge Halloween graphic design,, certainly wasn’t expecting that. Really nice, thankyou so much!!


  2. Great blog abit sad that Halloween has come to an end,, I really do like the theme time of the year. But of course next year then again.. beautiful closeure words of addding Tom.


  3. Thanks Aquatom! 🙂

    Yes, doing it all by email is hard work, but this way I don’t miss anyone!

    Currently I had 158 emails with more coming in, but it’s all good fun!!! 🙂

    Hope you have a great month my friend!

    God Bless and keep you!



  4. Hi Tom .. Yes I had a great Halloween 🙂 Now it’s time to relax and everything will be normal again .. Thanks for stopping in again my new friend Hugs Nicki / Night Lady


  5. Yeah it’s been a quiet Halloween for me thank God!

    The kids showed up, but buzzed all the intercoms which meant none of us could answer because as soon as they hit the next button they cut us off! 🙂

    Hope you have a great November my friend!

    God Bless!



  6. Hi Tom .. Well now all witches ghosts and other things away .. But they will not return next year in October is a magical month .. And you are so right man must believe in magic or have imagination but fantasy life becomes boring Albert Einstein put it this way .. Logic Will get you from A to B. Imagination Will take you everywhere.
    Have a wonderful week hug Nicki


    1. Hi Nicki, your statement is so true! My imagination takes me anywhere and everywhere, and I don’t think there is an end to any of those places in sight… all good! 😀
      Hope your week is going well too, Nicki!


  7. I feel October has been a really good month too, Sir Aquatom, (just saved that from being ‘moth’…. I wonder at my typing sometimes, mayhap I should leave it as originally typed, in the hope that I’m sending secret messages to myself ….but then, mayhap not!!) Drat!!! I’m too late to say ‘White Rabbits’… will slightly dingy creamy ones do?.. 😉 … and may the feel good factor always be with thee, near thee or contain thee in it’s presence. xPenx


    1. I’m sure, Pen, that there must be a moth somewhere called October who was glad of the mention! You’re never too late to say White Rabbits in my universe, Pen… any day is the start of a new month around here!
      And that feel good factor is always somewhere around here… 😀


  8. A wicked posting Aquatom…
    I don’t know how I missed it 😦
    sorry about that my wickedly
    fine great friend…



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