Lately, I have been rushing around here, there, and everywhere.

  • Rushing to get to work.
  • Rushing to do my job.
  • Rushing to get from A to B.
  • Rushing to eat my food.
  • Rushing to get these posts written for this blog.
  • Rushing to comment on other blogs and to catch up, as I’m so behind.
  • Rushing to rushing to rushingtorushingtorushingtorshgto

Whilst I’ve been rushing, I’ve noticed the usual things that hold me up… red traffic lights, traffic jams, people really taking their time shopping, items of food being out of date when at the supermarket checkout so I have to wait for the supervisor (who wasn’t there) to come over to sort things out, which was after waiting in the queue for at least twenty minutes only for the cashier to be on their changeover for their break as well… and breathe…

I should really have been paying attention to these signs.

The Universe has been telling me, rather showing me, to slow down a little. I’ll still get to where I need to go, I just don’t need to get there right now. I can see those words appearing in front of me, whilst I sit impatiently at the traffic light.

Needless to say, I didn’t pay attention.

Last night, I had to do rather a lot, as usual, and I wanted to get things done. I ran my errands, and, walking (walking = as in a walking race) home with the final part of my errand (food from a delicious takeaway!) I received yet another message.

A painful message.

I fell.

My inner Mr Bump is backbumpIt was dark, but I’ve walked this same journey every day for the last goodness knows how many thousands of days. OK, not always in the dark, but last night was no different to any other. Apart from my tripping on something that wasn’t there.

Luckily, I was carrying two bags of food, so although my hands were full, and I couldn’t put them out to stop my fall, the food did a good back up job. They were expertly helped by my knee (the very same one that tends to throb uncontrollably from time to time)

I don’t remember falling per se, only getting up and thinking about the food (which was still eaten and was just as delicious!) so I even fell at great speed. And I got up equally quickly too. Not that anyone would have seen me go down, as it was dark, but you never know. After a quick look around, I hobbled in. I hastily washed my hands which were quite grazed and cut, and after eating, I checked my knee which was quite drastically bruised and cut.

Whilst I was seeing to my knee, I knew that this had happened because I was rushing. There’s nothing to say that it wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t been rushing, but if I hadn’t been rushing I’d have probably been a little more prepared.

But it happened, so I’m in this universe and not that one.

Today, I’ve been very achy, but where the cuts and bruises are they don’t hurt that much. I mean at all. What kind of super hero moans about a graze or two?

I’ve had to hobble around work today. I had to wait in terrible traffic when work had finished. And I’m now paying attention.slow1

Things will get done.

I will get done what I need to get done.

In time. In good time.

Through it all, I have still felt good. These things happen from time to time, I’m using the lesson rather than dwelling on the event.

So, I’ll be a little behind in my blog reading and commenting for the next few days. But there’s nothing new there at the moment anyway…

23 thoughts

    1. My hands and knee thank you for the good vibes, Andra! Most of my psyches do too, but my inner Jester thinks the whole affair is so hilarious he can’t stop laughing. He’s given me a sore throat!
      Thanks for commenting! 😀


  1. Take your time . . . we aren’t going anywhere. When you post, we’ll see it. How’s the saying go? If you post it, they will come. Well, something like that.

    Take care of the knee. I hear replacing one can be a real bitch.


    1. Thank you, Miss D… I have been trying to take my time for the past couple of days now, but I’m finding old habits creeping back. I remind myself and then I forget!
      And yes… I’ve heard that about knees too… 🙂


  2. I hope that your cuts and bruises heal swiftly Aquatom,
    those unexpected falls jolt the system and can be rather
    unsettling… let us know how you get along and whether
    or not you need the use of a Zimmer frame 🙂 😉 Kidding…

    At least you were well enough
    to get to your work Aquatom 🙂

    Hey… And NO RUSHING NOW Okay?



    1. I’ll say they’re unsettling, Andro! At least I’ve been walking with less of a limp today. Maybe the Zimmer can wait several decades or so for now… 😉

      Very true, though, Andro. At least I could get to work, and I am grateful for that.

      And, OK then! I’ll not rush (he says, dashing to the next comment…!)


  3. Einaa, Tom. I am sorry. You have all the time in the world I have discovered. When you hurry you make a mess of what you’re doing, or have an accident (like you have and I did too) and you end up taking even longer than you would have. Carefully does it… Bless you,.


    1. Yes, Denise… dashing and rushing is not really any good for anyone, and things end up taking twice as long anyway!
      I’ll do my very best to be careful… well, more careful anyway!
      Thanks for commenting! 😀


  4. Hi Tom I hope chestai good,
    Thanks for your visit and your comment on my post you are a friend.
    I wish you to spend a magical November my friend


  5. Ouch!! I do hope you’re s l o w l y getting back to normal. Sir Aquatom, .. (mind you, what’s normal for you? as I have no idea what’s normal for me… 😉 ) BUT I agree wholeheartedly, no rushing, for that’s when the worst things happen, I’m just glad that serious injuries didn’t occur… and surely thro’ rushing we miss so much, and can’t appreciate the finer points of life… BUT saying that, I must dash… Tempus Fugit… 😀 xPenx


    1. Thanks, Pen… slowly should do it, but I want to be back to normal already!!! See… I’m my own worst enemy!
      And I haven’t the foggiest notion as to what normal is for me.
      Maybe I’m there already and just don’t know it…


  6. oh dear..hope your knee and hands get better soon 🙂 And yes..slow down Tom..even superheroes need to take some time out, and superheroes usually get this things done..I bet slowly too , just that to us humans it seems like its really fast, but to s superhero..he’s doing it, in his own time..something about the fractionation of time dimensions thingy (please don’t google this, I made that whole thing up!)
    You are right though, the Universe is telling you to slow down..not exactly to become a sloth (well, not yet anyway as the sloths have decided to only take over the world in 2014) but more as you said – in your own time. Its our time, we own it to do what we want with it, so maybe its telling you that the sky will not fall if you take your own time in getting things done 🙂


    1. Hi Shree… I like the phrase ‘fractionation of time dimensions’, and you may see a post on exactly that in the not too distant future… and then it can be googled!
      Yes, you’re right. Super heroes do things at their own pace, and we (I) should do things at our (my) own pace. I do listen to the Universe; it takes me a while to act that’s all – so I suppose I’m halfway there with the Universe’s intentions anyway… :S


  7. Tom, so sorry you had that fall. Hope the signs, aches and pains leave you soon. You pull me up short: I have been doing the same as you. I have had a few warning moments, and your writing has made me stop and think: slow-down time. Thank you for such a sane post.


    1. You are very welcome, Kate. I hope you don’t come a cropper as I did!
      I did get used to falling over as I did it quite regularly, but I haven’t for a while, so it was a little shock to my system. A little like using muscles that haven’t been used for a while…

      Kate (Ba Ba Baah!) (that was a trumpet fanfare if you didn’t recognise it!)… your comment has reached one of my blog’s milestones! You have provided my blog with it’s 2,500th comment! Thank you ever so much!!! 😀 (And thanks to every other commenter for helping me / us to reach this milestone too!)


  8. Goodness me..thats nasty! hope you are doing much beter now..must say this was a really cool and interesting way to explain this whole event. I could have posted this same story on my blog..only I did not fall but one day I woke up and had trouble walking, almost beter now.
    We really need to listen to our inner selves,,that little voice.
    Take care 🙂


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