I’ve enjoyed the rain today! After the snow of the past few days, it seems to have gone slightly warmer around these parts, and I have just checked the temperature  – it is now zero degrees. So it is warmer!

I was waiting at a red traffic light after shopping this afternoon, and was watching the raindrops landing onto the windscreen. Each droplet spread out like a little multi point star, each one a tad different from the others. They brought to mind the Emoto experiment I mentioned on 20th November, and I realised just how much good the rain does for us. Not only was it watering all of the plants and gardens around the town, but it was also helping to clear away all of the snow that had settled as well.

I remember once walking to my parents house, which is about two miles away from where I live. It wasn’t raining when I set off, but I could tell that it was on it’s way. Nevertheless, I set off, on foot, with the frame of mind that I may miss it, but if not, I’ll only get wet, and I can soon get dry again. I was about half-way through my walk when it started to rain. A few more steps, the heavens opened, and I was caught in one of the most torrential downpours I have ever been in! I was soaked to the skin in a matter of minutes. But, I didn’t mind. The rain was fresh and refreshing. It was actually very invigorating being out in it. I found myself  thanking the weather because I felt that the rain was doing it’s ‘thing’ for me, to help me to feel refreshed and to feel good. I really felt at one with the elements that day. When I got to my parents’ house, I was soon dry. The skin on my face felt so much smoother than it usually does, and I had a rosy glow in my cheeks, which indicated that the rain had done me some good.

Today’s rain wasn’t as strong as that, but I still enjoyed it. One thing I missed with the rain today, but I think I only notice this when it rains in summer after a long hot period, is the fresh smell. I love the smell of the rain. Another reason why I like it!

Most people tend to complain about the rain, and I used to myself… but we couldn’t live without it. The weather fits in very nicely with the Law of Allowing. We can’t do anything about it, so why should we complain when it is not doing what we think we want it to? Allowing the rain allows us to focus on other things to feel good about. Complaining about it blocks our feel good path, so all we see is doom and gloom ahead of us.

I prefer the feel good route myself.

2 Comments on “Rain!

  1. Hi aquatom1968! Just checked what are you writting about 🙂 and to my big surprise you wrote about feeling good yesterday – and I was inspired to wrote a post about that today. Huh, it amazes me how profoundly we are all connected…


    • Hi… I always try to get some kind of feel good ‘thing’ in my posts – that or positivity. I manage it on the whole, but sometimes it’s a little bit hidden.


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