Oh no… he’s spotted me. Just act nice and casual… take it nice and slowly…

I’ll nonchalantly wander around here, and pretend I haven’t seen him… Ooh, who’s that over there?

Sigh. How did he make it here before me?

Ah well, best grin and bear it I suppose.

I can always fly away if he gets any closer. At least this is my best side.

About the images:

Taken in May 2017, out in the Grinds by the Lake, using a Galaxy Note mobile phone. I’m pretty certain this is what the heron was thinking.


  1. Good thing he didn’t think ” If he gets any closer I’ll just run towards him and attack!” Great shots TL…Being the voice of creatures in pictures is always fun…How ’bout a contest for the best caption of pictures ? VK 🙂

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    1. I’m sure he thought that as well, VK, but saw the size of me and my impressive physique and had second thoughts.
      (My Inner Adonis wrote that reply, by the way, VK. Makes me seem very body conscious…) 😉

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  2. Absolutely brilliant photos Tom!! Aw well done for obviously staying so quiet and moving so gently.

    Herons …. I love them, they’re such beautiful, elegant birds, but … there’s one Heron who’s no longer on my Christmas card list. He lunched every day in my pond and ate all my Koi, over a period of 5 days. 🐠 ~ C.

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